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Fuel Valve W/Bushing
Fix Number FIX8911051
Manufacturer Part Number 192980GS
This fuel valve with bushing fits a variety of outdoor equipment and allows the fuel to smoothly flow into the gas engine. The bushing part is pressed into the hole provided in the fuel tank and the fuel valve is pressed through the bushing to reach the inside of the fuel tank. If your fuel valve is broken then it best to replace it. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacterer for more information on the part and installation instructions. Safety tip: remember to wear gloves and be cautious when removing fuel from the tank.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX10021681
Manufacturer Part Number 90013-883-000
This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. This bolt-flange is an integral part of a number of small engines, such as lawn mowers, generators, snow blower, trimmers, augers, etc. The bolt-flanges can be used in many ways depending on the engine, refer to model specific diagrams for appropriate use. To install or remove bolts you will need a wrench.
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Fix Number FIX10034370
Manufacturer Part Number 95002-02080
This is a genuine Honda replacement part. Tube clips are used in small engines, such as lawn mowers, to ensure the fuel line is securely attached to each area of the engine, such as the fuel tank, and the carburetor. It is important that your tube clips are functioning properly, having a secure fuel line ensures you are not leaking fuel. This part is made of metal. You will require pliers to install and secure tube clips.
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Bushing Tank Dextor
Fix Number FIX11923807
Manufacturer Part Number G078299
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Gasket, Valve Cover
Fix Number FIX9873530
Manufacturer Part Number 0C2979
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Spark Plug - Bpr5Es - Ngk
Fix Number FIX10036941
Manufacturer Part Number 98079-55846
This is a spark plug for a small engine, sold individually. Spark plugs supply a spark that ignites the air and fuel mixture, creating the power needed for the engine. It is essential to replace the spark plug as part of your preventative maintenance tasks, to ensure a smooth and efficient running machine. A worn spark plug can cause the engine to not start, a rough running engine, stalling, and increased fuel consumption. It is best to change your spark plug regularly to avoid these symptoms, however if you are experiencing one, the spark plug should be one of the first components you check.
Installation Instructions
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Fix Number FIX10032441
Manufacturer Part Number 94050-06000
This is an authentic OEM replacement part source directly from Honda. This 6mm nut-flange is an integral part of a number of small engines, such as lawn mowers, snow blower, trimmers, augers, etc. The 6mm nut-flanges are used in a number of ways depending on the engine; refer to model specific diagrams for appropriate use and application. This nut-flange is made of metal. To install or remove nuts you will need a wrench.
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Washer-Drain Plug-12mm
Fix Number FIX10033397
Manufacturer Part Number 94109-12000
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Spark Plug - Bpr6Es - Ngk
Fix Number FIX10036953
Manufacturer Part Number 98079-56846
This is a genuine OEM Honda replacement part. Spark plugs are used to take energy from the battery to create and electric spark, that spark is used to ignite the air fuel mixture in your small engine. Spark plugs are commonly used in of a number of small engines, such as lawn mowers, generators, snow blower, trimmers, augers, etc. It is recommended that you inspect your spark plug while you are doing regular maintenance, so you can clean and change the part when necessary. If you don?t replace it often enough you may have trouble starting the engine or it may run rough. To install this part you will need a spark plug socket.
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Gasket- Carburetor
Fix Number FIX9899119
Manufacturer Part Number 16221-ZH8-801
This product includes one genuinely sourced carburetor gasket for a small engine. This gasket creates a seal between the carburetor and the engine. It will typically only need to be replaced if you are doing a repair that requires removing the carburetor. Once this seal is broken, the gasket will need to be replaced. Replacing this gasket when it is damaged or when the seal has been broken is crucial because it can create an air leak, which will cause the engine to run lean, and this could cause permanent damage to the engine itself.


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