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Spark Plug Bpm-8Y
Fix Number FIX9263506
Manufacturer Part Number 15901019830
Replacing the spark plug should be part of your regular maintenance. How often to replace it depends on your model but is generally changed at least once a year or more, depending on use. When a spark plug has gone bad this can lead to a hard-starting engine, a misfire, or the engine not starting at all. Replacing it is very easy. Start by gapping your new spark plug according to the manufacturer specifications. For this repair, start by removing the boot from the old plug, use a wrench to remove it, and twist it off with your hand. Now thread the new replacement spark plug into place and tighten it using the wrench. This manufacturer-approved spark plug is sold individually.
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Crankshaft Asy
Fix Number FIX9180282
Manufacturer Part Number A011000002
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Fix Number FIX8817073
Manufacturer Part Number 100642000220
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Fix Number FIX8819103
Manufacturer Part Number 100642000230
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Fix Number FIX8817154
Manufacturer Part Number 100642001910

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