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Fix Number FIX9140427
Manufacturer Part Number 796112S
This is a spark plug and it is found in various lawn equipment. If your engine is not starting or running poorly, you may need to replace the spark plug. This part is a RJ9LM. Meaning, it is a resistor type with a 14mm shell design, 3/8-inch reach, and 13/16-inch hex. The heat range is 9 for automotive, small engine, and ordnance applications. The LM indicates 14mm (special for lawn mowers). Before making this installation make sure to drain fuel from the tank and remove the old spark plug.
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Fix Number FIX9294797
Manufacturer Part Number 692189
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Fix Number FIX8925657
Manufacturer Part Number 222698S
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Fix Number FIX8948679
Manufacturer Part Number 299819S
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Starter Pawl-Ratchet
Fix Number FIX8942598
Manufacturer Part Number 281505S
Sold individually.
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James from Terry, MS
Won't shift
Won't shift checked shift bar was cracked used strong Philip screw driver in pin hole still won't move checked transmission was stuck oiled it then tap little with hammer till it slide refill the transmission case with thick oil grease. Stuck due to dust and wet climates little rust. Read more...
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Fix Number FIX9140678
Manufacturer Part Number 791850
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Air Cleaner Gasket
Fix Number FIX9138757
Manufacturer Part Number 795629
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Fix Number FIX9277860
Manufacturer Part Number 391086S
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Fix Number FIX9275043
Manufacturer Part Number 298090S
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Fix Number FIX8963322
Manufacturer Part Number 398188
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