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Fuel Valve W/Bushing – Part Number: 192980GS
Fuel Valve W/Bushing
Fix Number FIX8911051
Manufacturer Part Number 192980GS
This fuel valve with bushing fits a variety of outdoor equipment and allows the fuel to smoothly flow into the gas engine. The bushing part is pressed into the hole provided in the fuel tank and the fuel valve is pressed through the bushing to reach the inside of the fuel tank. If your fuel valve is broken then it best to replace it. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacterer for more information on the part and installation instructions. Safety tip: remember to wear gloves and be cautious when removing fuel from the tank.
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No Symptoms for this part
Line-Fuel – Part Number: 791745
Fix Number FIX9140673
Manufacturer Part Number 791745
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Plug-Spark – Part Number: 491055S
Fix Number FIX9281094
Manufacturer Part Number 491055S
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Assembly, Holder, Brush – Part Number: 66386GS
Assembly, Holder, Brush
Fix Number FIX9063496
Manufacturer Part Number 66386GS
This is a brush holder assembly for your generator. Brushes conduct electric currents to provide power in the motor of your unit. The brush assembly is mounted into a bearing carrier, and is wired to connect the rotor to the stator. This assembly includes one plastic brush holder, and two carbon brushes. Lead wires and springs are attached.
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No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
William from South Prince George, VA says,

worn brushes
Removed end cover from generator, disconnected 2 wires from terminals, removed 2 bolts holding brush assembly. Reversed procedure with new part which was an exact fit. Encountered no problems....read more

Solenoid-Starter – Part Number: 691656
Fix Number FIX9064363
Manufacturer Part Number 691656
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No Symptoms for this part
Cap, Fuel Gauge – Part Number: B4363GS
Cap, Fuel Gauge
Fix Number FIX9314364
Manufacturer Part Number B4363GS
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No Symptoms for this part
Breaker, Circuit, 20A – Part Number: 209872GS
Breaker, Circuit, 20A
Fix Number FIX9919917
Manufacturer Part Number 209872GS
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No Symptoms for this part
Battery Charger – Part Number: 705927
Battery Charger
Fix Number FIX12089850
Manufacturer Part Number 705927
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Plug-Spark – Part Number: 796112S
Fix Number FIX9140427
Manufacturer Part Number 796112S
This is a spark plug and it is found in various lawn equipment. If your engine is not starting or running poorly, you may need to replace the spark plug. This part is a RJ9LM. Meaning, it is a resistor type with a 14mm shell design, 3/8-inch reach, and 13/16-inch hex. The heat range is 9 for automotive, small engine, and ordnance applications. The LM indicates 14mm (special for lawn mowers). Before making this installation make sure to drain fuel from the tank and remove the old spark plug.
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Will Not Start

Filter- A/C Cartridge – Part Number: 491588S
Filter- A/C Cartridge
Fix Number FIX8987387
Manufacturer Part Number 491588S
This is a filter cartridge for the air filter in various lawn equipment. The filter removes dirt, dust, and other debris from entering the carburetor, and contaminating the engine. If the engine in your machine is not operating properly, a dirty air filter could be the cause. This is a commonly replaced part, depending on usage we recommend checking it after a full season of use. You may clean this part once or twice using an air supply to keep it functioning properly. However, when it becomes dirty it must be changed.
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Will Not Start

Installation Instructions
Gene from Meridian, MS says,

change the filter and foam
Loosen the black screw on side of mower and remove the filter and foam. Insert both the same way old ones were positioned, paper part of filter pointing away from the side of mower, and foam with spo...read more

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