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Shear Bolt and Nut
Fix Number FIX9000870
Manufacturer Part Number 52100100
The shear bolt assembly includes one shear bolt and one nut. This shear bolt assembly is OEM guaranteed and designed to exact specification for your equipment. This part has the important job of protecting the snow blower in the event that it hits a hard object, in which case the shear pin will break, and this prevents the auger gearcase from getting damaged. If this happens, it must be replaced before your snowblower is able to operate again. The auger will not turn if the shear pin is broken. Before beginning this repair, make sure the start key has been removed from the engine. Then you will need to remove whatever is left of the damaged shear bolt. Install your new part by first aligning the holes in the rake assembly with the holes in the gear case. Insert the bolt, tap it into place and then secure it with the nut.
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Shear Bolt
Fix Number FIX9002923
Manufacturer Part Number 51001500
This part includes one shear pin and one center lock nut. If the snowblower augur comes in contact with something hard, the shear pin is designed to break, stopping the transmission and engine from getting damaged. Once this pin is broken, the auger will not turn. These parts are OEM quality parts.
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Roll Pin - 1/4 x 1-3/4
Fix Number FIX8797821
Manufacturer Part Number 05803700
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Fix Number FIX9249396
Manufacturer Part Number 02483859
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Bolt, Scraper Blade (921017, 022, 023, 027, 031, 314, 316, 317, 318)
Fix Number FIX8799352
Manufacturer Part Number 06200209
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Bushing, Flange Split Nyliner 1.0" HP
Fix Number FIX8798089
Manufacturer Part Number 05500030
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Fix Number FIX12621377
Manufacturer Part Number 06500826
Ariens lock nut .31-18
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Fix Number FIX9006914
Manufacturer Part Number 532009040
This is a premium-quality OEM front wheel flange bearing (sometimes called bushing) commonly used in riding lawn mowers. They are used to keep the wheel held in place securely. It is sold individually but two are needed for each front wheel. It is recommended that they be replaced at the same time. Install this part with the flat side facing the grease zerk in the rear side of the wheel.
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Flat Washer
Fix Number FIX12597204
Manufacturer Part Number 06401023
Ariens flat washer .38X.875X.083
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Ring Klip Number T5304-75
Fix Number FIX9143890
Manufacturer Part Number 812000029
This manufacturer-approved ring clip is found in various lawn and garden equipment models. A ring clip is used as a fastener that secures components or assemblies onto a shaft or housing (such as part of a mower wheel or steering assembly). When it is installed, the part that is visible acts as a shoulder, holding the specific component or assembly together. This very small metal ring clip (approximately 1-inch by 1-inch) is sold individually.

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