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Washing Machine Drain Pump and Motor Assembly
Fix Number FIX3579318
Manufacturer Part Number 4681EA2001T
This drain pump motor helps expel water from the washing machine and is activated after the spin speed is maintained for a specific period. If your washer will not drain, is noisy, leaking, or pumps but will not spin, you may need to replace the drain pump motor. This is a genuine OEM part. Please remember to shut off the water supply and disconnect the power to the washer before starting your repair. Note: Pump casing is not included.
Fixes these symptoms
Pumps but will not spin

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Installation Instructions
Betty from monticello, GA says,

Drain clogged and pump burned up
I followed the repair video on your site and had it done in no time at all. Excellent video for novice like me....read more

Drum Roller
Fix Number FIX7321740
Manufacturer Part Number 4581EL3001E
The drum roller for your dryer holds the drum in place while the drum turns on the support wheels. The drum roller is round with a bearing in the middle and measures approximately 3 inches in diameter. Over time, these rollers can become worn, and it may cause your dryer to be noisy during operation. The bearing inside this roller is self-lubricating, so no grease will be required.
Fixes these symptoms

Drum Support Roller and Axle
Fix Number FIX8260240
Manufacturer Part Number 4581EL2002C
This part is used to hold the drum in place in the cabinet while letting the drum rotate on the support rollers. It is recommended that you replace both rollers at once. This part is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Will not tumble

Installation Instructions
John from Seaford, NY says,

Noisy Dryer
I took the dryer apart and found the forward drum support roller was wobbling. I decided to replace all 4 rollers and the drive belt. Parts arrived within 3 days and the install took less than an hour...read more

Micro Switch
Fix Number FIX3522738
Manufacturer Part Number 3B73362F
Fixes these symptoms
Doesn’t shut off
No heat
Tray won’t turn

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Installation Instructions
rockie from eugene, OR says,

microwave wouldn't heat, door switches failed
First step is to test all 3 door switches. I couldnt find a video of removing the switches on partselect.com, so I had to wing it. Took the case off and eventually found out the switches can be remove...read more

Dryer Lint Filter
Fix Number FIX3531962
Manufacturer Part Number ADQ56656401
The lint filter is used to collect lint and debris as it passes through the dryer vent. It is recommended to clean the lint filter before every load. If your dryer takes too long to dry you may need to replace the filter. The lint filter is gray in color and measures approximately 12 inch wide by 11 inch high. The manufacturer has made an authorized substitution to the lint filter. Due to the changes, the manufacturer suggests changing the filter guide, part # MEA4905001 and filter cover, part # MCK66787901. This is a genuine OEM part.
Fixes these symptoms
Marks left on clothes

Installation Instructions
Frank from Eau Claire, WI says,

Damaged lint dryer and guide, kid didn't push down lint filter and nap sack rope caught it yanked apart assembly.
Removed screws, took a whopping 5 minutes, including unpacking box assembly of screw driver. Grab a vacuum, good time to clean out inside of dryer while torn apart. EZ repair....read more

Fix Number FIX3529161
Manufacturer Part Number 6500EL3001A
Fixes these symptoms
No heat or not enough heat
Shuts off too soon
Takes too long to dry

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Installation Instructions
Ronald from Conyers, GA says,

Insufficient drying in reasonable time.
Remove lint filter. Remove plastic frame for filter with phillips screwdriver. Detach both moisture sensor wires with needle nose pliers. Reattach wires to new sensors and reassemble frame....read more

Water Inlet Valve - Hot
Fix Number FIX3527427
Manufacturer Part Number 5220FR2006H
Fixes these symptoms
No hot or cold water

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Installation Instructions
Steven from NORTH AUGUSTA, SC says,

washer cold water valve would occasionally stick open during final rinse cycle. error code fe01. Decided to replace both hot and cold valves and replace hoses at the same time since all were original.
Step 1. Turned off water valves, unplugged machine. Disconnected hoses and drained remaining water.

Step 2. Removed rear plate from top control panel.

Step 3. Tilted control pane...read more

Fix Number FIX3529026
Manufacturer Part Number 6323EL2001B
Fixes these symptoms
No heat or not enough heat
Shuts off too soon
Takes too long to dry

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Installation Instructions
Karolin from Middletown, NY says,

heater not drying in the right time mode
watched you tube on how to take apart dryer.after taking dryer fully apart including taking out the drum, found out if you just take out the dryer sleeve in the back.reach in and most of the parts ar...read more

Water Filter
Fix Number FIX3531958
Manufacturer Part Number ADQ36006101
Sold Individually.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Sarah from Fort Thomas, KY says,

routine filters replacements
Tok out the old put in the new...read more

Switch,Push Button
Fix Number FIX3529268
Manufacturer Part Number 6600JB1010A
Fixes these symptoms
Light not working

Installation Instructions
Jeffrey from Freehold, NJ says,

Light switch went bad (second time)
Popped it out installed new one. Done...read more

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