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Washing Machine Drain Pump and Motor Assembly – Part Number: 4681EA2001T
Washing Machine Drain Pump and Motor Assembly
Fix Number FIX3579318
Manufacturer Part Number 4681EA2001T
This drain pump motor helps expel water from the washing machine and is activated after the spin speed is maintained for a specific period. If your washer will not drain, is noisy, leaking, or pumps but will not spin, you may need to replace the drain pump motor. This is a genuine OEM part. Please remember to shut off the water supply and disconnect the power to the washer before starting your repair. Note: Pump casing is not included.
Fixes these symptoms
Engine runs but does not pump water

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Betty from monticello, GA says,

Drain clogged and pump burned up
I followed the repair video on your site and had it done in no time at all. Excellent video for novice like me....read more

Water Inlet Valve - Hot – Part Number: 5220FR2006H
Water Inlet Valve - Hot
Fix Number FIX3527427
Manufacturer Part Number 5220FR2006H
Fixes these symptoms
No hot or cold water

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robert from Oskaloosa, IA says,

water kept entering the washing machine when sitting idle.
I used you tube videos and followed directions exactly. It was very easy to do even on a 6 yr old machine....read more

Magnetic Door Plunger – Part Number: AGM73610701
Magnetic Door Plunger
Fix Number FIX3618292
Manufacturer Part Number AGM73610701
This magnetic door plunger, also known as the magnet holder, is built for your washer. When you order this part, you will receive the plastic housing and a spring that goes with it. The magnetic door plunger attaches to the inner door panel of the washer. It holds the door open when the washer is not running, and allows the door and tub seal to dry. This prevents mold and mildew from building up. Occasionally, the plastic tabs on the housing can break, and when this happens the part will need to be replaced. You may also notice that your washer lid or door will not close; this can also be a sign of a damaged magnetic door plunger.
Fixes these symptoms
Lid or door won’t close

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DEREK from Fishers, IN says,

Plunger was broken
Very simple fix, line clips with door and push in....read more

Gasket – Part Number: 4036ER4001B
Fix Number FIX3522859
Manufacturer Part Number 4036ER4001B
Fixes these symptoms
Shakes and moves

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bechara from MOBILE, AL says,

Special attention and "hardest" part of the job is pushing the bearings out without damaging the housing...read more

Drain Hose Cap – Part Number: 5006ER3009A
Drain Hose Cap
Fix Number FIX3525750
Manufacturer Part Number 5006ER3009A
This drain hose plug, also known as a hose cap, is a genuine OEM part for your washing machine. This plug caps the drain hose from the pump housing, and helps prevent leaks from your washer. Before beginning this repair, make sure the power and water sources to your washer are shut off. To access the pump housing, open the pump filter cover, pull out the drain hose, remove the old plug and replace it, first draining the remaining water from the drain hose.
Fixes these symptoms

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Josephine from Lawndale, CA says,

While draining the hose ,I removed the cap search and search unable to located drain cap. went into several pair repair shop in my area . no luck
When I received the drain hose cap, replace it no problem thank you so much ....read more

Clamp – Part Number: 4861FR3068A
Fix Number FIX3524032
Manufacturer Part Number 4861FR3068A
Fixes these symptoms

Detergent Dispenser – Part Number: 3891ER2003A
Detergent Dispenser
Fix Number FIX3522644
Manufacturer Part Number 3891ER2003A
This is a replacement detergent dispenser for your washer. It stores the detergent, and then dispenses it into the washer at the appropriate point in the wash cycle. If the detergent dispenser is broken, or if the detergent is not dispensed during the wash cycle, you may need to replace it. The dispenser is made of blue plastic, and is approximately 4 inches wide, 4.5 inches long, and two inches tall. This is an OEM part made by the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
Does not dispense fabric softener / detergent
Will not drain

Washer Hose with Bellows – Part Number: 4738ER1004B
Washer Hose with Bellows
Fix Number FIX3523347
Manufacturer Part Number 4738ER1004B
This washer hose with bellows, also known as a dispenser hose, is a genuine OEM replacement part for your washer. Replacing this part can be helpful if your washer is leaking. The dispenser hose connects the dispenser assembly to the tub. Before beginning the repair, unplug the washer and turn off the water supply. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver to complete this repair; a clamp tool can also be helpful. Remove the screws holding the lid of the washer in place, and take off the lid. Locate the dispenser hose and remove its clamps. Place the clamps on the new hose, using the arrows for a guide in positioning the clamps. Install the new hose and reassemble all other parts.
Fixes these symptoms

Rear Tub Gasket – Part Number: 4036ER2004A
Rear Tub Gasket
Fix Number FIX3522855
Manufacturer Part Number 4036ER2004A
Fixes these symptoms
Burning smell

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Installation Instructions
Bruce from West Hills, CA says,

The washing machine was making a real loud noise.
Changing your LG washing machines bearings

YouTube video made it easier. It was a different model but it still worked. First when you take your Machine apart put all the Screws and bolts ba...read more

Tub-to-Pump Drain Hose – Part Number: 4738ER1002A
Tub-to-Pump Drain Hose
Fix Number FIX3523345
Manufacturer Part Number 4738ER1002A
This hose has bellows to allow for flexibility during the wash and spin cycles.
Fixes these symptoms

Installation Instructions
Derrick from Hammonton, NJ says,

Drain hose had 2 slits in the bellows.
Used a Phillips head screw driver remove the band clamp from the main tub drain(easy). Then used a pair of pliers to release spring clamps(1 @ the pump and 1 @ the over flow drain). Removing the Hose ...read more

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