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Fan Assembly,Axial
Fix Number FIX3528606
Manufacturer Part Number 5900AR1173A
Installation Instructions
john from shreveport, LA
Fan blade wobbling on shaft.
Remove single screw on front cover and remove cover. Remove unit from wall. Install a piece of cardboard in place of a/c unit. Remove 4 screws on metal bracket on top of fan shroud and 3 screws on side of fan shroud and 3 screws on bottom of shroud. Remove 2 screws on rear tray that hold condenser. Pick up condenser up and over tray edge and swing aft about an inch. Remove and replace fan blade. Take a marker and mark a line down the shaft where the flat is on the shaft flat on blade for ease of alignment during installation. Clean condenser before reinstalling. Reverse procedure. Read more...
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Cross Flow Fan Assembly
Fix Number FIX3528648
Manufacturer Part Number 5901A20050A
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX11760970
Manufacturer Part Number AKB73795706
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Fix Number FIX3522291
Manufacturer Part Number 3831A20145E
This is an escutcheon, otherwise known as a control panel overlay, for your air conditioner. This replacement part covers control panel and labels the selection button on the appliance user interface. It is 8.6 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall. Be sure to unplug your appliance before completing this repair.
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Fan Assembly,Axial
Fix Number FIX3528610
Manufacturer Part Number 5900AR1508B
This is an authentic OEM replacement part sourced directly from LG. This axial fan assembly, also known as a condenser fan, is commonly used in air conditioners. This compact propeller like fan fits on the motor shaft and circulates air over the condenser to help cool off the refrigerant. This fan blows air parallel to the motor shaft that the blade rotates on, which is why it is able to successfully circulate the air over the condenser. This fan is made out of white plastic, and it is sold individually. Make sure you unplug the air conditioner before you start this repair.
Fixes these symptoms
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PCB Control Board with Display
Fix Number FIX3529623
Manufacturer Part Number 6871A00085A
This an authentic OEM display board for your room air conditioner. It is designed to display the selections the user has made for the air conditioner such as operating mode and fan speed. Be sure to unplug your air conditioner before you begin this repair.
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Fix Number FIX12714361
Manufacturer Part Number AET73191422
This accordion filler kit, also known as side curtains, is a genuine OEM replacement part for your window air conditioning unit. This part fills the space around your air conditioner to make it fit the window frame. The side curtains can become worn over time, no longer providing a snug fit for the air conditioner. Customers have rated this repair as being easy.
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Room Air Conditioner Installation Kit
Fix Number FIX7784777
Manufacturer Part Number 3127A20074Y
The installation kit contains the hardware you need to install the room air conditioner.
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Fix Number FIX3527565
Manufacturer Part Number 5231AR2148A
In Stock
Fix Number FIX3528583
Manufacturer Part Number 5900A20015A

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