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Knob - Stainless Steel
Fix Number FIX3639420
Manufacturer Part Number AEZ73293801
Installation Instructions
Stephan from St. Clair, MI
Knob assys are very poorly designed. The clear plastic becomes brittle
I pulled the plastic bags of knobs apart. reached in and pulled each of them out and pressed them on the the shafts. During the time I was waiting for them to get here the first switch acted up. It wouldn't stop sparking the igniter though the gas was shutting off. So I had to remove the drawers and pull the power plug and I called the company warranty service to get a new wiring harness under warranty. when he came the sparking wouldn't act up as before so he cleaned the points. Making conversation with him I asked him how much he could get the knobs for and he looked it up and he sold me 5 more for less than half the price each that I had ordered from here. Read more...
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Cooktop Spark Module
Fix Number FIX11761179
Manufacturer Part Number EBJ62730001
The spark module controls the spark for lighting the cooktop surface burners.
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Fix Number FIX7795472
Manufacturer Part Number MEE62385201
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX12590337
Manufacturer Part Number MBL61908706
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Radiant Heater
Fix Number FIX3527756
Manufacturer Part Number 5300W1R004A
Installation Instructions
Richard from Leominster, MA
Bad radiant heater
Open the oven, unscrew two screws, lift top, take out two more screws holding radiant heaters, pull out old heater, insert new heater, replace screws and your done Read more...
In Stock
Fix Number FIX3534730
Manufacturer Part Number MBL62329304
In Stock
Fix Number FIX3647859
Manufacturer Part Number MBL61908504
In Stock
Burner Base
Fix Number FIX12072607
Manufacturer Part Number MBE61842703
In Stock
Fix Number FIX3534635
Manufacturer Part Number MBE61842101

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