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Drain Grommet
Fix Number FIX10116568
Manufacturer Part Number N103455
This part includes one drain grommet for a generator. The drain grommet is placed into the fuel tank of the unit to hold the fuel drain cock. It can be shut off to stop fuel from escaping or opened, allowing the fuel to make its way to the generator. This is a simple repair that does not require the use of tools.
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Fuel Tank
Fix Number FIX10116710
Manufacturer Part Number Z-GS-0795
In Stock
Isolator Vibration 1
Fix Number FIX10116091
Manufacturer Part Number GS-0033
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Cap Fuel Tank
Fix Number FIX10116107
Manufacturer Part Number GS-0443
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Nut .375-16 Hex Whiz
Fix Number FIX10116636
Manufacturer Part Number SSF-8111-ZN
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Clamp Fuel .50
Fix Number FIX10116103
Manufacturer Part Number GS-0227
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Washer Flat 11/16 Do
Fix Number FIX9943614
Manufacturer Part Number 330016-13
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Drain Valve
1 Review
Fix Number FIX10049094
Manufacturer Part Number N286039
This is a single OEM drain valve for an air compressor. A drain valve is a small device that is usually located at the bottom of the compressor air receiver. The drain valve can be opened or closed, and this allows water to exit the tank. Water builds up if air is left in the tank for an extended period of time, and if left for too long, it can start to rust out the inside of the tank and the drain valve can become clogged with rust or start to corrode. You should be draining the tank each time you use your air compressor to stop this from happening. This is a very quick and simple repair. Use a wrench to remove the old drain valve, and thread the new one into place by hand.
Installation Instructions
Steven from SMITHS STA, AL
Wouldn't hold air in tank.
Took old drain valve out and replaced with new one. Read more...
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Breaker Circuit 125/2
Fix Number FIX11875359
Manufacturer Part Number D21508
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Con Rod Assembly
1 Review
Fix Number FIX10049057
Manufacturer Part Number N036518

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