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Filter- A/C Cartridge
Fix Number FIX8987387
Manufacturer Part Number 491588S
This is a filter cartridge for the air filter in various lawn equipment. The filter removes dirt, dust, and other debris from entering the carburetor, and contaminating the engine. If the engine in your machine is not operating properly, a dirty air filter could be the cause. This is a commonly replaced part, depending on usage we recommend checking it after a full season of use. You may clean this part once or twice using an air supply to keep it functioning properly. However, when it becomes dirty it must be changed.
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Fuel Filter (Red) Inline
Fix Number FIX9938444
Manufacturer Part Number 308733008
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Fix Number FIX9275043
Manufacturer Part Number 298090S
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Filter-Pre Cleaner
Fix Number FIX9274331
Manufacturer Part Number 272490S
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Fuel Filter
Fix Number FIX9874228
Manufacturer Part Number 0H1326
This is an authentic OEM part that has been sourced directly from Generac. This fuel filter is made of durable plastic and has a mesh filter. It is commonly used in portable generators. The fuel filter is important to the operation of your generator; it strains any dust and debris out of the fuel, to help keep the fuel lines and the carburetor in tip-top shape! This fuel filter is sold individually.
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Element, Air Filter
Fix Number FIX9870259
Manufacturer Part Number 073111S
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Filter-Air Cleaner Cartridge
Fix Number FIX8967621
Manufacturer Part Number 396424S
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Fix Number FIX8865105
Manufacturer Part Number 14043-2052
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Fix Number FIX8982169
Manufacturer Part Number 492932S
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Fix Number FIX9933504
Manufacturer Part Number 279-32612-08