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Valve Fuel Kit
Fix Number FIX9915034
Manufacturer Part Number 192980GS
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Fix Number FIX10050256
Manufacturer Part Number RC12YC
This is a genuine OEM replacement part sourced directly from Craftsman. Spark plugs are used to take energy from the battery to create and electric spark, that spark is used to ignite the air fuel mixture in your small engine. Spark plugs are commonly used in of a number of small engines, such as pressure washers, lawn mowers, generators, snow blower, trimmers, augers, etc. It is recommended that you inspect your spark plug while you are doing regular maintenance, so you can clean and change the part when necessary. If you don?t replace it often enough you may have trouble starting the engine or it may run rough, it is recommended that these be replaced once a year. Before you install your new spark plug ensure that you are properly gapping your new spark plug, check your owner?s manual for the gapping requirements. To install this part you will need a spark plug socket, or a socket wrench.
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Valve, Tank
Fix Number FIX9939125
Manufacturer Part Number 310574GS
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Washer 8Pk
Fix Number FIX10051547
Manufacturer Part Number STD551025
This is an 8 pack of flat washers and it is used for various power tools. These washers are a 1/4 inch in diameter, and made of metal. These are general use washers, and are usually positioned under a nut, or the head of a bolt.
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Filter, Oil
Fix Number FIX9998990
Manufacturer Part Number 70185GS
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Brush Assembly
Fix Number FIX11976125
Manufacturer Part Number 66386GS
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Fix Number FIX11972233
Manufacturer Part Number 591459
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Fix Number FIX9940365
Manufacturer Part Number 312510GS
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Fix Number FIX9940452
Manufacturer Part Number 312904GS
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Fix Number FIX10000220
Manufacturer Part Number 703977

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