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Fuel Valve W/Bushing
Fix Number FIX8911051
Manufacturer Part Number 192980GS
This fuel valve with bushing fits a variety of outdoor equipment and allows the fuel to smoothly flow into the gas engine. The bushing part is pressed into the hole provided in the fuel tank and the fuel valve is pressed through the bushing to reach the inside of the fuel tank. If your fuel valve is broken then it best to replace it. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacterer for more information on the part and installation instructions. Safety tip: remember to wear gloves and be cautious when removing fuel from the tank.
Fixes these symptoms
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Cap, Fuel Gauge
Fix Number FIX9314364
Manufacturer Part Number B4363GS
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Assembly, Brush Holder
Fix Number FIX9157810
Manufacturer Part Number 91825GS
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9140673
Manufacturer Part Number 791745
In Stock
Battery Charger
Fix Number FIX12089850
Manufacturer Part Number 705927
In Stock
Breaker, Circuit, 20A
Fix Number FIX9919917
Manufacturer Part Number 209872GS
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Pin, Hair
Fix Number FIX9999596
Manufacturer Part Number 703300
This is a hair pin clip for your lawn equipment. You may also know it as a cotter pin. It is a multi-application part, depending on your unit, as well as the make and model. To correctly install the pin, refer to the diagrams provided with your equipment. It is made of metal, and can be used in various locations in the machine. You will need pliers to install this part.
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Gasket- Exhaust
Fix Number FIX9294810
Manufacturer Part Number 692237
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9295033
Manufacturer Part Number 695398
In Stock
Screen, Spark Arrest
Fix Number FIX9307966
Manufacturer Part Number 83083GS

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