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Special Order
Fuel Filter (Red) Inline
Fix Number FIX9938444
Manufacturer Part Number 308733008
In Stock
Wear Pad
Fix Number FIX9980734
Manufacturer Part Number 570554001
No Longer Available
Washer (1/4 in.)
Fix Number FIX9987778
Manufacturer Part Number 638387002
In Stock
20 Amp Circuit Breaker (120 Volts AC)
Fix Number FIX10011866
Manufacturer Part Number 780350001
In Stock
Switch (Momentary Contact)
Fix Number FIX10010340
Manufacturer Part Number 760700002
Installation Instructions
Walter from GRISWOLD, CT
The switch and fuel shut off mounting bracket was broken.
I took the broke piece off and revolted the new mount on. Then replaced the on off switch and fuel shut off. Read more...
In Stock
Fuel Shut Off Valve
Fix Number FIX9938137
Manufacturer Part Number 308459002
In Stock
Fuel Line Clamp (1/2 in.)
Fix Number FIX9996044
Manufacturer Part Number 678408006
Special Order
Vapor Vent
Fix Number FIX9939435
Manufacturer Part Number 310854002
In Stock
Switch Momentary Assembly
Fix Number FIX10010338
Manufacturer Part Number 760700001
Special Order
120/240 Volt 30 Amp Twist Lock Receptical
Fix Number FIX11867106
Manufacturer Part Number 290401003
Installation Instructions
Wayne from BON AQUA, TN
Installed an outlet to plug a whole house generator into
Installed a protected outside box cover and installed the 240 Volt 30 Amp Twist Lock receptacle inside it. This allowed me to plug the generator into this plug and supply power to the whole house. All I had to do was TRIP the MAIN Breaker which cut power to the house from the OUTSIDE. Works like a champ :-) Read more...

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