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Bushing Tank Dextor
Fix Number FIX11923807
Manufacturer Part Number G078299
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Filter, Fuel
Fix Number FIX9873844
Manufacturer Part Number 0D6313
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Element, Air Cleaner
Fix Number FIX9873645
Manufacturer Part Number 0C8127
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Oil Filter
Fix Number FIX12613019
Manufacturer Part Number 070185BS
Oil fltr 75 logo orng pre-box
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Brush Holder
Fix Number FIX9874210
Manufacturer Part Number 0H0919
This is a genuine OEM part that has been sourced directly from Generac. Carbon brushes face a lot a friction and heat, which is why they wear down. They are in constant contact with the spinning armature inside a motor; they are the part that works to transfer electrical current to the armature. This generator part helps to hold the carbon brushes in place. You will need a screwdriver to replace this part.
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Fuel Filter
Fix Number FIX9874228
Manufacturer Part Number 0H1326
This is an authentic OEM part that has been sourced directly from Generac. This fuel filter is made of durable plastic and has a mesh filter. It is commonly used in portable generators. The fuel filter is important to the operation of your generator; it strains any dust and debris out of the fuel, to help keep the fuel lines and the carburetor in tip-top shape! This fuel filter is sold individually.
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Spark Plug Gap: 0.030"
Fix Number FIX9873931
Manufacturer Part Number 0E7585
On Order
Fix Number FIX9874156
Manufacturer Part Number 0G9449
This is a genuine OEM part that has been sourced directly from Generac. The battery is an essential part of your generators electric start system. It provides the voltage required to create a spark in the combustion chamber. Without a working battery your engine would not have the power required to start. This battery is 12 Volts, and it is sold individually.
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Key Vis-Action Latch Slot Cir
Fix Number FIX10162458
Manufacturer Part Number 0F8869D
Special Order
Clamp, Hose Band Green
Fix Number FIX9868951
Manufacturer Part Number 048031G

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