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Blade Pulley Tire
Fix Number FIX10133097
Manufacturer Part Number 45-69-0010
This is an authentic blade pulley tire. This part is sold individually, however two tires are needed on the bandsaw. If one tire needs to be replaced, it is recommended by the manufacturer to replace them both at the same time. The blade pulley tire is what keeps the blade tracking accurately. They are a common wear part that will become brittle or stretched out over time. This leads to the blade coming off the pulleys or not tracking correctly. This is a very simple repair, the tire stretches onto the pulleys, no disassembly required.
Installation Instructions
Mike from NILES, MI
OEM blade pulley tires no longer available
Remove the blade carriage from the top of the saw and disassemble. Clean and smooth the drive and driven wheels. Secure them in a holding fixture so that you can use both hands to stretch the tires over the outside of the wheels. Immerse the tires in a hot water bath so that they stretch more easily.

I am certain that this process would be much easier on a newer model saw (like the Milwaukee units this part is speced for!).
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Sleeve Bearing
Fix Number FIX10128876
Manufacturer Part Number 42-40-0580
Sleeve bearings are located on the blade pulley axles of your bandsaw. If you notice the blade on your bandsaw is not tracking correctly, this is likely a sign that this part needs to be replaced. We recommend inspecting the blade pulley tires at the same time because if they are worn, they can also hinder the tracking of the blade. Each bandsaw has four of these sleeve bearings, however they are sold separately. We carry only OEM quality parts to ensure proper fit and performance.
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Cam Follower
Fix Number FIX10117025
Manufacturer Part Number 02-25-0260
This is an OEM cam follower for a bandsaw. Each bandsaw has six cam followers in total, three on the front guide and three on the back. Four of these help to prevent the blade from wobbling, so it cuts straight. The other two support the back of the blades so it does not come off the tire when you are cutting. This cam follower is sold individually; however, it is recommended to replace all six at the same time. When this part becomes worn it can make a squealing sound and should be inspected for damage. For this repair you will need a flat blade screwdriver.
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Rear Blade Guide Assembly
Fix Number FIX10128581
Manufacturer Part Number 42-28-0211
This is an OEM rear blade guide assembly, and it is sold individually. It is commonly replaced If your bandsaw is not allowing you to make a straight cut. This part keeps the blade on the bandsaw tracking stable as you cut. If upon inspection, you discover that the blade guide bar itself is in good condition, but the bearings are worn, they can be ordered separately.
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Pulley Hub Washer
Fix Number FIX10133559
Manufacturer Part Number 45-88-7165
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Fix Number FIX10328595
Manufacturer Part Number 905145
This is a genuine part that is supplied by the original equipment manufacturer for use with Delta band saws. The tire is one of the most important parts, its purpose is to help track the blade on the wheel. If the tire becomes stretched or starts cracking you will notice your blades not tracking properly. Keep in mind this high-quality component is made of durable rubber material and is sold individually. Please make sure to refer to the owners manual for the correct application of this tire.
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Front Blade Guide Assembly
Fix Number FIX10128580
Manufacturer Part Number 42-28-0206
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Carbon Brush and Spring (2 Required)
Fix Number FIX10122190
Manufacturer Part Number 22-18-0670
This part includes one carbon brush with spring. Two of these brushes are needed in most models, and we recommend replacing them both at the same time, as they tend to wear at the same rate. A worn brush often affects the performance of the motor, and that is usually the first indication that a replacement is needed. For this repair, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the brush cap which holds the brushes in place. To install, align the new brush with the holder and insert it by aligning the wings with the sides of the holder. Press the brush into the holder and secure the cap back on. Never over-tighten the cap, as this could break it. These steps will need to be repeated on the other side for the second brush.
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Fix Number FIX10323810
Manufacturer Part Number 426020950002S
Installation Instructions
Kenny from LAYTON, UT
Broken trunnions when trying to move bandsaw by lifting on table, not a good practice!!
Remove broken trunnions, fit new ones into place and tighten. Then mount on saw and if movements are hard or impossible, remove table top, and trunnions , and using a bench grinder remove molding marks from bolt retainers inside of trunnions. (Be careful not to let the grinder take the brackets out of your hands). Reassemble and try again. Read more...
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Table Insert
Fix Number FIX10323790
Manufacturer Part Number 426020630001S
This is a table insert plate for your saw. It is attached to the table, and provides access to the blade. A table insert protects the rest of the unit by preventing wood from getting jammed under the blade during cutting. The slit in the insert plate allows for the saw blade to run smoothly. Before installing this part, unplug your saw.


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