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Blade Pulley Tire
Fix Number FIX10133097
Manufacturer Part Number 45-69-0010
This is an authentic blade pulley tire. This part is sold individually, however two tires are needed on the bandsaw. If one tire needs to be replaced, it is recommended by the manufacturer to replace them both at the same time. The blade pulley tire is what keeps the blade tracking accurately. They are a common wear part that will become brittle or stretched out over time. This leads to the blade coming off the pulleys or not tracking correctly. This is a very simple repair, the tire stretches onto the pulleys, no disassembly required.
Installation Instructions
Mike from NILES, MI
OEM blade pulley tires no longer available
Remove the blade carriage from the top of the saw and disassemble. Clean and smooth the drive and driven wheels. Secure them in a holding fixture so that you can use both hands to stretch the tires over the outside of the wheels. Immerse the tires in a hot water bath so that they stretch more easily.

I am certain that this process would be much easier on a newer model saw (like the Milwaukee units this part is speced for!).
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Sleeve Bearing
Fix Number FIX10128876
Manufacturer Part Number 42-40-0580
Sleeve bearings are located on the blade pulley axles of your bandsaw. If you notice the blade on your bandsaw is not tracking correctly, this is likely a sign that this part needs to be replaced. We recommend inspecting the blade pulley tires at the same time because if they are worn, they can also hinder the tracking of the blade. Each bandsaw has four of these sleeve bearings, however, they are sold separately. We carry only OEM quality parts to ensure proper fit and performance.
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Cam Follower
Fix Number FIX10117025
Manufacturer Part Number 02-25-0260
This is an OEM cam follower for a bandsaw. Each bandsaw has six cam followers in total, three on the front guide and three on the back. Four of these help to prevent the blade from wobbling, so it cuts straight. The other two support the back of the blades so it does not come off the tire when you are cutting. This cam follower is sold individually; however, it is recommended to replace all six at the same time. When this part becomes worn it can make a squealing sound and should be inspected for damage. For this repair you will need a flat blade screwdriver.
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Pulley Hub Washer
Fix Number FIX10133559
Manufacturer Part Number 45-88-7165
This part includes one pulley washer for a band saw. This pulley washer is made out of nylon and is located between the pulley and the bolt fasteners on the housing. It makes the rotation of the pulley smooth and prevents friction between metal components. This washer will deteriorate over time and this can cause damage to the housing, pulley and fasteners. This OEM part is sourced right from the manufacturer.
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Rear Blade Guide Assembly
Fix Number FIX10128581
Manufacturer Part Number 42-28-0211
This is an OEM rear blade guide assembly, and it is sold individually. It is commonly replaced If your bandsaw is not allowing you to make a straight cut. This part keeps the blade on the bandsaw tracking stable as you cut. If upon inspection, you discover that the blade guide bar itself is in good condition, but the bearings are worn, they can be ordered separately.
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Front Blade Guide Assembly
Fix Number FIX10128580
Manufacturer Part Number 42-28-0206
This is an authentic front blade guide assembly for a band saw. The purpose of this part is to keep the blade steady, so it cuts in a straight line. It also supports the rear wheel blade. This part consists of a guide block and three bearing guides. Over time the bearings will wear and can cease and the block itself can get damaged by the blade. For this quick and simple repair, you will need to unfasten the screws holding it in place with a screwdriver. If the screw is hard to reach, adjust the tension and this will help to bring the housing forward so you can fit your screwdriver in place.
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Fix Number FIX10183729
Manufacturer Part Number 650721-00
This is a Genuine OEM replacement part It is sold individually Two tires are needed on the Bandsaw. If one tire is worn, it is advisable to replace both at the same time. The purpose of the Blade Pulley Tire is to keep the blade tracking correctly. Over time they will become brittle or stretched out. You then will have the problem of the blade coming off the pulleys or not tracking properly. The tires simply stretch onto the pulleys. No tear down of any parts is needed.
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Carbon Brush (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX10122113
Manufacturer Part Number 22-16-0275
This is a carbon brush, it is also known as a motor brush, and it is used with various power tools and equipment. The brush transfers electric currents to the motor. Your motor brush is an extremely common replacement part. It is considered a wear part, because the constant friction will wear it down. If you are experiencing a poor running motor, you will need to replace this part. New brushes will restore your motors electric braking. We recommend also inspecting your armature for damaging cracks or burns, this can indicate a larger problem in your motor that will require attention.
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Snap Ring
Fix Number FIX10127145
Manufacturer Part Number 34-60-1400
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10-24X7/8" Pan Tapt. Torx
Fix Number FIX10118983
Manufacturer Part Number 06-82-5574


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