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Light Bulb - 40W – Part Number: 8009
Light Bulb - 40W
Fix Number FIX884734
Manufacturer Part Number 8009
This replacement light bulb is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Helen from Quincy, MA says,

lightbulb in refrigerator went out
Removed plastic shield on top of refrigerator. Removed old bulb.. Replaced new bulb. Reinstalled plastic shield. Voila!...read more

Door Catch Kit – Part Number: 279570
Door Catch Kit
Fix Number FIX334230
Manufacturer Part Number 279570
This OEM replacement Door Catch Kit was designed for specific models of Dryers, Washer Dryer Combos, Dishwashers, Laundry Accessories, and Trash Compactors manufactured by Kenmore, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate, Crosley, Inglis, Maytag, Admiral, and Magic Chef. To ensure this part will fit your appliance, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. The Door Catch's purpose is to hold the door strike to keep the door closed while in operation. If your appliance lid will not close, or it will not start, it may be time to replace the Door Catch. This Kit is made up of plastic and metal components, it includes two Door Strikes, and three Door Catches to service doors that have one or two catches. Each Kit is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t close
Lid or door won’t close
No heat or not enough heat

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Installation Instructions
jeffrey from Brookhaven, PA says,

Dryer would run, but not heat
Needed it running quick, so no diagnostics. Ordered one of everything that could fix problem (plus a new door catch). Tipped it onto it's back & popped the bottom cover off. Element, thermal cutoff, ...read more

Multi Rib Belt - 92-1/4" – Part Number: 341241
Multi Rib Belt - 92-1/4"
Fix Number FIX346995
Manufacturer Part Number 341241
This Multi Rib Belt is an OEM approved replacement part for Whirlpool, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Norge, Roper, Maytag, Magic Chef, Crosley, Admiral, Estate, Amana, Inglis, Jenn-Air, and Hoover Dryers. To ensure this is compatible with your appliance, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. The Multi Rib Belt attaches to the motor pulley and is responsible for spinning the drum. If you can hear the motor running, but the drum does not turn, it is likely that the belt is broken. Other symptoms of a broken Multi Rib Belt include unusual noises, failing to start, no heat, burning smell, and an unresponsive touchpad. This belt is 1/4" wide, has a length of 92-1/4", and has four ridges and three groves on the belt. Each belt is sold separately, and may also be called a Dryer Drum Belt, or a Multi-V Belt.
Fixes these symptoms
Heat stays on after drum has stopped
No heat or not enough heat

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Installation Instructions
carolyn from phila, PA says,

not spinning
follow the vidio...read more

Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly – Part Number: 241798231
Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly
Fix Number FIX12364147
Manufacturer Part Number 241798231
This is an 8 cube ice maker use to produce ice for your refrigerator.
Fixes these symptoms
Clicking sound
Ice maker not making ice
Ice maker won’t dispense ice

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Installation Instructions
Benedict from Simsbury, CT says,

Ice maker stopped making ice
Loosened 2 screws on left side freezer wall. Disconnected wire harness. Took out ice maker. Made sure screws extended far enough out to fit the new ice maker over them. Connected the wire harness. ...read more

Dryer Thermal Fuse – Part Number: WP3392519
Dryer Thermal Fuse
Fix Number FIX11741460
Manufacturer Part Number WP3392519
This is an approved OEM replacment part for more than 150 models of Whirlpool, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate, Inglis, Maytag, Crosley, Amana, Admiral, and Magic Chef Dryers and Washer-Dryer Combos. For complete compatiblity please see "Model Cross Reference List" below. The thermal fuse is a safety tool which attaches to the blower wheel housing and stops the flow of electricity if your dryer is overheating. The terminal size is 3/16". If your fuse is faulty your dryer will not start or heat properly. This part is a one-time use fuse and cannot be re-set. It must be replaced if there is no longer continuity between the pins. When making this repair we recommend checking all vents for buildup as clogged dryer vents can cause the fuse to blow. Fuses are sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Heat stays on after drum has stopped
No heat or not enough heat
Shuts off too soon

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Installation Instructions
gary from apex, NC says,

dryer not heating
Checked the heating element and found a break in the heating coil. Decided to change the thermal fuse and the the cycling thermostat because of the age of the dryer....read more

Oven Light Bulb – Part Number: 316538904
Oven Light Bulb
Fix Number FIX12751166
Manufacturer Part Number 316538904
Clear, 120 Volt, 40 Watt.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Chris from Lillington, NC says,

Broken bake element & light bulb
Turned of the power at the fuse box as the oven was hard wired to the electrical source and then removed the old element via the screws at the back of the oven. Disconnected the wires from the elemen...read more

Crisper Cover Support - Front – Part Number: 241993101
Crisper Cover Support - Front
Fix Number FIX2358880
Manufacturer Part Number 241993101
This part replaces the front crisper support in your refrigerator. It is sold individually and mounts to the inside cabinet wall.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open or close

Installation Instructions
Michelle from Cypress, TX says,

Crisper cover support broke
I watched the video you had on your website---really easy-you guys ROCK!...read more

Door Shelf Retainer Bar – Part Number: 240534901
Door Shelf Retainer Bar
Fix Number FIX734935
Manufacturer Part Number 240534901
This door shelf retaining bar for your refrigerator is approximately 25 inches wide, 3 inches high, and 5 inches deep. It is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open or close

Installation Instructions
Kathleen from Parsippany, NJ says,

Needed to replace a broken bottom door shelf retainer bar on our older fridge.
I took the shelf retainer bar out of the shipping box, looked at the middle shelf to see how the bar sits on the brackets, and put it on. Took about 2 minutes. No tools needed. Done! Easy peasy!...read more

Refrigerator Crisper Pan – Part Number: 240337103
Refrigerator Crisper Pan
Fix Number FIX429854
Manufacturer Part Number 240337103
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open or close

Installation Instructions
Rosemarie from Pioneer, CA says,

renter ruined the crisper drawers and the bottom shelf.
open refrigerator removed old cracked pieces, and cleaned glass self. installed new parts in place. Took less than 5 minutes and it is much better....read more

Door Shelf Retainer Bar – Part Number: 240534701
Door Shelf Retainer Bar
Fix Number FIX734936
Manufacturer Part Number 240534701
This door shelf retainer bar is sold individually. It snaps into place so you will not need tools to install it.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open or close

Installation Instructions
Gerard from Bayville, NY says,

door shelf retainer bar cracked in half
lifted each side of retainer bar off, slid new bar over moulded nubs on door, 123 done...read more

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