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Hose Clamp
Fix Number FIX11743008
Manufacturer Part Number WP596669
This hose clamp extends from half an inch to an inch in diameter. It is made entirely of metal and is intended for use with Maytag brand washing machines.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Albert from Unadilla, NY
noticed water was leaking in front of washer-right before we were leaving for vacation
Upon returning from vacation, we needed to do laundry-so I put some plastic under the washer and we did a load. The water was leaking from the seam between the lid and the back panel on the side with the hot and cold water connections- not the front. I removed two screws from the front bottom panel and two screws from the underside of the lid.Turning the washer on showed the leak was coming from the injection valve( it was brittle from age). The rubber injection valve was replaced and installed( using a little liquid soap to help the rubber hose to slip over the rubber injection valve) with a new clamp. The leak was fixed. Read more...
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Filter Drier Tube
Fix Number FIX11728084
Manufacturer Part Number W10843121
This filter dryer is for refrigerators and filters refrigerant that travels through the sealed system of the refrigerator.
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Water Inlet Hose Washer
Fix Number FIX11738697
Manufacturer Part Number WP16123
Sold Individually. Order quantity needed.
Fixes these symptoms
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Compressor Start Relay
Fix Number FIX426380
Manufacturer Part Number 216594300
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Scott from Watkins Glen, NY
Freezer stopped cooling
On the compressor are two components. The first is the start relay which allows voltage to pass through to the compressor when it's called to run by the thermostat. The second is the thermal override which protects the compressor by shutting it down when over heated. Both are plugged into the three compressor power prongs. Thermal is plugged into the top prong, starter relay to the two lower prongs. To start the repair, pull the two wire leads off of the components. Take a pair of needle nose pliers and gently pull out the starter relay. Next pull out the thermal override. Make sure the compressor windings aren't bad by testing the leads with an ohm meter. There are how to's on the web but basically place the ohm meter in its lowest setting and take a reading between the two bottom prongs. Write this number down. It should have a resistance of about 10.5 ohms. Next, take a reading between the top and bottom left prongs and then do the same on the right side. Add the left and right reading together and they should equal the initial reading that you took across the bottom prongs (10.5ohms) or so. If not, your compressor is the issue. If all tests out OK, replace the start relay in the reverse order of disassembly. The switchout takes all of 15 minutes to perform. Made my freezer like new. Read more...
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Hex Nut
Fix Number FIX11742711
Manufacturer Part Number WP488130
Part may differ in appearance, but functions same as original.
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Fix Number FIX11738360
Manufacturer Part Number WP1172075
In Stock
USE MAC 41001097
Fix Number FIX11742701
Manufacturer Part Number WP486754
Sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Ben from Howell, MI
Trash Compactor the drawer was very hard to open
In replacing the old partial rusted drawer slides had rusted screw with nuts that spun had to drill them out and replaced front larger bolt and nut the rear screw used a larger sheet metal screw. The wheels and bearing with on easy the instructions showed a modification to remove a tab for the different wheel assembly and installed just like the instructions. When done the drawer will slide out with just touch of your foot on open tab GREAT!! I was looking at buying a new compactor the repair saved me about 700 $. Thanks a lot. Never had a trash Compactor before this great and it keeps my puppy out of trash. Read more...
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Humidistat Control
Fix Number FIX11738359
Manufacturer Part Number WP1168670
In Stock
Compressor Start Relay
Fix Number FIX358648
Manufacturer Part Number 4318083
Overload is sold separately. The start relay briefly boosts the compressor, and then shuts off as soon as the motor gets up to speed.
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Bucket Water Level Switch
Fix Number FIX992307
Manufacturer Part Number 1188814
This part is used to prevent water overflow when the bucket gets full.
Installation Instructions
Bernard from Bridgewater, NJ
Swap out bucket water level switch
The Bucket Water Switch Level Failed. The switch which tells of a fulI water bucket failed the light light would stay on and the dehumidifier would not run even if the bucket was empty.I ordered the part from this site using the model # and manufacturer.Since The part as instock it arrived quickly. To repair/Replace switch first unplug the unit, then unscrew with phillips head screw driver all outer housing screws. The swich is in a plastic holder attached to an inside wall. first label the 3 wires and where they are attached to the switch. Disconnect the wires from the switch.Pinch the switch holder and pull out switch and holder from the front of the unit. The new switch holder is different in my old model so i removed the switch from the new holder and placed it in the old holder. Now slide the new switch back into the unit from the front until it snaps in firmly. Attach the labeled wires to the switch contacts. Place the metal side housing back in place and screw on. Attach the top of the unit by aligning it with the hole on the top of the unit slide it back on the unit it sould lock into place. Plug the unit in and press the little plunger in and the light on top will illuminate and the unit will stop running Read more...

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