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Carbon Brush Set
Fix Number FIX10156641
Manufacturer Part Number CB154
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Fix Number FIX10169670
Manufacturer Part Number 330015-03
This hex nut with internal threads, screws to the shank of a bolt or a hex cap screw in a variety of lawn and gardening tools. It can have multiple applications depending on the tool you are using. To replace, you will need a wrench to loosen and tighten the nut. For detailed installation instructions, refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer. Remember to unplug tool from power source before beginning this repair project.
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Brush and Spring
Fix Number FIX10116511
Manufacturer Part Number N031635
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Brush Cap
Fix Number FIX10109745
Manufacturer Part Number 803483
This is a brush cap for your power tools. It holds the brush inside the tool. It has external threads that lead into the housing of the tool. When removing this part be gentle because too much pressure can make them crack. This part is made of plastic, and is sold individually. To remove the brush cap you should use a flat head screw driver.
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Brush (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX10106168
Manufacturer Part Number 1313113
This is a carbon brush set for your power tools, most commonly your planer jointer. Two of these brushes are needed for most power tools, and this purchase only includes one. If you are having troubles with electric braking, or motor functions, you should replace your carbon brushes. We recommend replacing both brushes together, to create an even wear. This is a part that is replaced often in power tools because of the constant friction during operation. When making this installation we recommend inspecting the armature for visible damage that could prove larger motor issues.
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Blade, Carbide-Tipped (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX11925467
Manufacturer Part Number 273794
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Fix Number FIX10168640
Manufacturer Part Number 285928-00
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Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX10463886
Manufacturer Part Number BB-6202ZZ
This is an authentic OEM replacement part for certain models of Jet, Powermatic, and Wilton tools that is sourced from the manufacturer. To ensure that this will fit your tool, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. This part has an outer diameter of 1.5", and metal shielding on both sides. The bearing is used to reduce friction between two rotating parts. It keeps wear on the equipment to a minimum, and helps the mechanics run efficiently. Depending on how often you use your tool, your bearings will need routine replacement due to continual pressure on them. Signs of broken or failing Ball Bearings include squealing, screeching, or grinding noise when powering the device off. Each is sold individually.
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Power Cord - 8', 18 Gauge, 2-Wire
Fix Number FIX10169875
Manufacturer Part Number 330072-98
This power cord is used for power tools and some of the following tools: electric drills, reciprocating saws, jig saws, biscuit joiners, and routers. The power cord is made for double insulated tools and is a two-wire cord with two prongs, but it does not need a ground wire. If there are cuts in the cord insulation, intermittent power during operation, or damaged and bent prongs, then replacing the power cord will solve the problem. The tools needed for this repair are a Phillips screwdriver, small screwdriver, wire cutters/strippers, crimping tool, and terminal (ring or spade). Repair tip: During installation, remember that new cord wires must go correctly into wire terminals. Also, to avoid pinching when the tool case is put back into place, remember to route cord and wires in the right path.
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Installation Instructions
John from Hancock, MI says,

Did not come with grinding disc guard
While unit was unplugged I screwed clamp of guard around more

Fix Number FIX10316328
Manufacturer Part Number 1330112
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