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Blade, Carbide-Tipped (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX11925467
Manufacturer Part Number 273794
This is a 3-1/4-inch reversible carbide tipped blade for a planer. It is an OEM authorized part and is sold individually. If the blade is chipped or is not performing as well as it once did, it should be replaced. The blade is what planes the workpiece and leaves a smooth finish. To remove the old blade, start by removing the drum cover. Unfasten the bolts that secure it in place. Use a screwdriver to slide the blade out of place and then pull it out to remove.
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Ball Bearing (608D)
Fix Number FIX10169608
Manufacturer Part Number 330003-04
This ball bearing fits various gardening and lawn tools such as, electric drills, hammers, saws, and sander polishers. Ball bearings are used to reduce friction between rotating parts. This happens when the ball bearings take the load and spin to distribute the weight evenly without causing friction. The ball bearing function can reduce wearing and allows your tool to run smoothly. Replacing this part regularly is important for the function of your tool. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions and guidance.
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Fix Number FIX10180624
Manufacturer Part Number 596008-00
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Drive Belt
Fix Number FIX10168967
Manufacturer Part Number 321200
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Fix Number FIX10169645
Manufacturer Part Number 330004-02
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Ball Bearing (6001DW)
Fix Number FIX10169632
Manufacturer Part Number 330003-64
This is a ball bearing for your power tools. It is used in a variety of machines for rotary motion. The bearings support your tools by lowering the friction, which allows easy rotation of moving parts. Depending on how often you use your tool the bearings are a commonly replaced part. This is because they will experience most of the pressure, heat, and vibrations.
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Fix Number FIX11874019
Manufacturer Part Number 330003-05
This part includes a single bearing, and it is compatible with a variety of brands and model-types. This ball bearing has a metal shielding on both sides and is an OEM quality part. Ball bearings are used in power tools to lessen the amount of friction caused with the rotation of components. This limits the amount of stress put on the tool and allows it to run efficiently. Bearings are a common wear part due to the consistent pressure, heat, vibration, and friction. This bearing (and all bearings) require regular inspection and replacement.
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Brush Spring
Fix Number FIX10173420
Manufacturer Part Number 445860-00
This is a brush spring and it is used in a variety of power tools. The spring applies force to the motor brush inside the motor. This will keep the brush tight along the armature. If the brush has worn down it will create heat, and the spring will lose tension. If this happens, both parts will have to be replaced.
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Power Cord - 10', 18 Gauge, 2-Wire -Terminals not included
Fix Number FIX10169874
Manufacturer Part Number 330072-97
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Cord Protector
Fix Number FIX10184444
Manufacturer Part Number 770235

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