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Brush Cap
Fix Number FIX10109745
Manufacturer Part Number 803483
This is a brush cap for your power tools. It holds the brush inside the tool. It has external threads that lead into the housing of the tool. When removing this part be gentle because too much pressure can make them crack. This part is made of plastic, and is sold individually. To remove the brush cap you should use a flat head screw driver.
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Brush and Spring
Fix Number FIX10116511
Manufacturer Part Number N031635
This part includes one carbon brush with a wire lead and brush spring attached. A poorly running motor is often due to worn brushes, which is why they are such a common repair in power tools. Due to the constant friction they are under, they will wear over time, and will need to be replaced. If upon inspection you notice the carbon brush is burnt or otherwise damaged, you will also want to check the condition of the armature, as this might suggest a larger problem with the motor.
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Fix Number FIX11874019
Manufacturer Part Number 330003-05
This part includes a single bearing, and it is compatible with a variety of brands and model-types. This ball bearing has a metal shielding on both sides and is an OEM quality part. Ball bearings are used in power tools to lessen the amount of friction caused with the rotation of components. This limits the amount of stress put on the tool and allows it to run efficiently. Bearings are a common wear part due to the consistent pressure, heat, vibration, and friction. This bearing (and all bearings) require regular inspection and replacement.
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Strain Reliever
Fix Number FIX10113583
Manufacturer Part Number 901266
This is a strain reliever for your power tools. It found at the meeting place between your cord, and the outer tool housing. The relief is an important part for your power tool because it protects your cord from tearing and breaking due to constant pressure. Keep your relief in good condition because it will extend the life of the cord, and the machine overall.
Installation Instructions
Strain reliever broken at base of saw. Core frayed.
1. Unplug saw. 2.Examine and determine which parts need to be removed to gain access to switch. 3.Remove screws one at a time and placed in dish keeping track of size and length of where removed from handle. 4. Slowly pull handle apart exposing switch and wires. 5. Remove screws holding black and white wires keeping track of which wire goes where. 6. Thread new power cord the same way the old one was positioned though the handle and reassemble. Read more...
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Brush 120V (Sold Invididually)
Fix Number FIX10116514
Manufacturer Part Number N031653
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Fix Number FIX10109834
Manufacturer Part Number 810716
This cord protector or reliever fits the end of your cord to protect the base of the cord from getting damaged and bent. If your cord is not aligned and protected it can become a safety hazard. If your cord protector is damaged or broken, then replace it as soon as possible. *Please note: this part is sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX10017724
Manufacturer Part Number 849314
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Brush (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX10106168
Manufacturer Part Number 1313113
This is a carbon brush set for your power tools, most commonly your planer jointer. Two of these brushes are needed for most power tools, and this purchase only includes one. If you are having troubles with electric braking, or motor functions, you should replace your carbon brushes. We recommend replacing both brushes together, to create an even wear. This is a part that is replaced often in power tools because of the constant friction during operation. When making this installation we recommend inspecting the armature for visible damage that could prove larger motor issues.
Installation Instructions
Dwayne from Millville, NJ
Broken belt (motor runs, blade didn't turn)
1) Watched YouTube video before ordering parts to confirm my problem and to get an overview of the repair.
2) found 7-step instruction in user manual - worked perfectly (Part# 901608 (014) downloaded PDF) on page 26
Turned saw over and layed on two 2x8s to protect spindle and it case I dropped the saw. Use a helper if you have one but I did not need one.
3) inspected motor brushes per user manual (had spares ready) 4-step instructions (two brushes) on page 25
4) used stiff brush to clean parts and screw shafts while saw was upside down
5) re-assembled, tested saw, double verified that blade tilt was still at Zero degrees when return to 0 and fense and blade were still parallel.

Cleaning and testing took as long as changing the belt and inspecting brushes.
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Fix Number FIX10108354
Manufacturer Part Number 5140101-80
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Brush Holder
Fix Number FIX10110589
Manufacturer Part Number 873497

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