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Belt Kit
1 Review
Fix Number FIX2005284
Manufacturer Part Number 12112425
Over time, the belts in your washer can either stretch out and sag, or become brittle and snap. When this happens, it can result in the belt losing its grip and will not be able to spin or drain the tub. If this happens, the belts will need to be replaced. This OEM belt kit includes the drive belt and the pump belt, which are both V-shaped, and made of black rubber. The pump belt is located between the motor and pump under the washer, and the drive belt is looped around the drive and motor pulley at the bottom of the machine. This repair is easiest to complete if the washer is placed on its back, and you will need to disconnect the power and water supply.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
George from Burnt Ranch, CA
Washer motor was actuating but machine whined and emiitted smell of burning rubber. Agitator did not turn.
Disconnect washer from power, water inlet, and drain. Move machine out from installed position. Tilt machine against wall, back panel to wall. Remove belts, inspect the pump and agitator belts for excessive wear, burnishing, cracking. Remove front panel. Advance the water pump manually to confirm it is not stuck or clogged. Advance transmission (large counter weighted object on spindle immediately below tub) shaft to confirm freedom of movement. If it doesn't move, you should consider a new machine. Transmission repair is above DIYer level and too costly on older machine. If transmission shaft turns by hand, replace belts if necessary, and confirm tension to manufactures recommendation by adjusting position of the water pump. Reposition machine and attach water inlet, outlet, and power. Activate machine and confirm operation. Read more...
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Hose Clamp
Fix Number FIX11740613
Manufacturer Part Number WP285655
This hose clamp is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Jacob from Center, TX
The drain hose had a hole in it and needed to be replaced
Removed the lower front panel, disconnected the hose and replaced it with the new one, then replace the panel. The most dificult part was getting my old self on the floor and unscrewing the panel nuts. Read more...
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Hose Clamp
Fix Number FIX11743008
Manufacturer Part Number WP596669
This hose clamp extends from half an inch to an inch in diameter. It is made entirely of metal and is intended for use with Maytag brand washing machines.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Albert from Unadilla, NY
noticed water was leaking in front of washer-right before we were leaving for vacation
Upon returning from vacation, we needed to do laundry-so I put some plastic under the washer and we did a load. The water was leaking from the seam between the lid and the back panel on the side with the hot and cold water connections- not the front. I removed two screws from the front bottom panel and two screws from the underside of the lid.Turning the washer on showed the leak was coming from the injection valve( it was brittle from age). The rubber injection valve was replaced and installed( using a little liquid soap to help the rubber hose to slip over the rubber injection valve) with a new clamp. The leak was fixed. Read more...
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Washer Drive Pulley
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX10057144
Manufacturer Part Number W10721967
The washer drive pulley kit is also known as a replacement clutch assembly, or a cam kit. The drive pulley is found at the bottom of your washing machine, mounted to the drive shaft. Common symptoms indicating an issue with the part include the washer having difficulty with the wash and spin cycles, or is making a lot of noise. It is likely that the splines on the assembly have become stripped, and the assembly will need to be replaced. To do this repair you will need to disconnect the power and water supply to your washer, and place the washer on its back to access the drive shaft. This kit contains 6 different certified OEM parts that make up the clutch assembly, which includes the pulley, 13 mm nut, cover, gear, cam, and spring.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Burning smell
  • Spinning Issues
  • Spins slowly
  • See more...
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Tub Bearing Kit
Fix Number FIX2347235
Manufacturer Part Number 6-2040130
This kit is used on 2-belt washers. It is recommended to change the seal kit at the same time.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Deborah from Earlsboro, OK
Washer suddenly leakedr.
Upon removing the front cover, I could see that the bottom of the outer tub, just above the transmission had water around it. Based on the age of the machine, I went ahead and replaced the tub bearing also.I followed the repair videos. The tub seal kit video had a tub with the plastic tub cover like my model, and the tub bearing kit video used a older model machine. Both videos were EXCELLENT! If you need a part very quickly though, be sure to pay extra for the guaranteed 2-3 day shipping. The website stated that most parts only take 2 days to be delivered. Mine took a week. You will also need to order the spanner wrench; luckily we had one from servicing a family members machine several years ago. Read more...
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Suspension Spring
Fix Number FIX11743345
Manufacturer Part Number WP63907
This suspension spring is a genuine OEM replacement part for a variety of washers and washer-dryer combos. The primary purpose of the suspension spring is to support the outer tub and keep the tub steady during loads that could cause an unbalance. If this part breaks, is worn down, or has stretched out and lost its spring, it could cause the load to be off-balance which can lead to excessive shaking, moving, noise, and leaks. This part is approximately 2 inches in length when compressed, made of durable metal, and is sold individually. For this repair, you will need a 1/4 nut driver, putty knife, flat blade screwdriver, and a pair of needle-nose pliers. Before you begin, disconnect the power, fill hoses, and drain hose to give you easy and safe access (drain hose may release some water, have a small container or towel near by). Your appliance contains 3 suspension springs, so keep this in mind if you need to order multiple of this part. We suggest you purchase several at a time, as they can be very useful to have on-hand.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
just to understand the type and different model videos
exactly as the video mentioned, just need to explain if some models are alike or different using the same part numbers will be my case my washer had the screws in different areas to disassemble and Assembly the spare parts, other than that beautiful idea in sending the link video with the email confirmation let me tell you first class and top of the line customer service rated 5 Stars Read more...
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Water Inlet Valve
Fix Number FIX1583805
Manufacturer Part Number 205613
This part has two ports for water to enter. It is blue and is intended for use with many washing machines and comes with a multi-mount bracket and an outlet adaptor.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Conrad from Chesapeake, VA
The Cold water inlet was down to a trickle
The other given instructions are good, except I would add 2 more things to do. Also the valve comes with written instructions, but they are somewhat incomplete. 1. before disassembly & removal look at the valve assembly and note its orientation. Inlet valve at the top. Make sure your hot and cold hoses are correctly identified and I marked the hot and cold inlet, BEFORE I removed the hoses. You don't want to get them mixed up. 2. even more important note the color coded wires that attach to the top and bottom contacts. I marked the valve assembly with the 1st letter of the color of the wire that is attached to each contact. My Maytag is over 30 years old & this is the 1st problem that I had with it. The new valve works perfectly. Read more...
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Drain Pump
Fix Number FIX11743017
Manufacturer Part Number WP6-2022030
This washing machine drain pump is intended for use with automatic washers that have been manufactured since 1958. The pump itself is made of plastic, though it does come with a metallic belt pulley.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Erin from HINES, OR
Motor position seemed out of place
I was very pleased to find! Not only did it bring up the parts diagrams for my washer after I entered the model number in the search field, it listed all the parts below the diagram, matching the numbers on the diagram to the appropriate part. This made location of the parts I was looking for extremely easy.
My Maytag washer is 24 years old, and still looks great. Not relishing the idea of the technology driven appliances today, I just wanted to repair my Maytag.
I followed the installation videos provided on the website and they were spot-on, making removal and replacement of the motor, belts and drain pump very easy. I will say that after I initially installed the new washer motor, it seemed to hang over the front edge, too far forward, and I was afraid it would interfere with the washer front panel. I actually took the motor out again and rechecked it's attachment to the spring loaded base plate, thinking I had re-installed it incorrectly. However, it seemed to be the only orientation possible, so I re-assembled it and re-installed it in the washer frame. What I discovered was that once the belts were added to the motor pulley, it pulled the motor into the correct position inside the washer frame, so my worries were for nothing. Just follow the video and everything will work out as expected, for an easy repair!
I decided that as long as I was replacing the washer motor, I would also replace the belts and drain pump, essentially refurbishing my trusty Maytag. Now back together and a few loads run, my Maytag is running like new and I am extremely happy! Add if this isn't enough encouragement, I am a 57 year old woman who did my own washer repair, so don't hesitate to do yourself, with the help of!
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Lid Switch
Fix Number FIX11723153
Manufacturer Part Number W10820036
This 3 prong lid switch is used for washing machines that do not have a tub light.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Will not agitate
  • Will not drain
  • Will Not Start
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Lloyd from ESKO, MN
would not complete rinse cycle
Unplug power cord
lift and brace up top of washer. No need to remove whole top.
disconnect the two leads from old switch.
remove and discard metal clip from new switch.
replace new switch assembly with screws.
reconnect leads.
reclose plastic proctecter over new switch
plug in power cord. That's it.
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Touch-Up Paint - White
Fix Number FIX385132
Manufacturer Part Number 72017
Installation Instructions
Al from Cape Coral, FL
No heat when trying to dry clothes .
Followed instructions on your videos. Everything went as planned and the dryer works like new.... Read more...

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