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Washer Tub Bearing, Rear
Fix Number FIX11711138
Manufacturer Part Number MAP61913707
This tub bearing is for washers. Tub bearing supports the spin basket shaft at the tub. Unplug the washer and shut off the water supply before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.
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Tub Seal and Bearing Kit
Fix Number FIX3503261
Manufacturer Part Number W10435302
This kit includes the shaft, 3 bearings, seals , grease, adhesive and the spanner nut, which is NOT sold separately. Also may require a bearing driver tool to install. PS3503307
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Spin Tube Bearing
Fix Number FIX11746369
Manufacturer Part Number WP8546462
This spin tube T-Bearing is an inch long. Sold individually.
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Centerpost Bearing and Seal Assembly
Fix Number FIX334447
Manufacturer Part Number 285203
This assembly comes with one transmission stem seal, two center post bearings, and three agitator shaft seals.
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Spin Bearing
Fix Number FIX446536
Manufacturer Part Number 3204405
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Ring, Thrust
Fix Number FIX11743303
Manufacturer Part Number WP62658
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Fix Number FIX2580540
Manufacturer Part Number W10293230
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Fix Number FIX334448
Manufacturer Part Number 285205
Washer Tub Bearing
Fix Number FIX11711139
Manufacturer Part Number MAP61913708
Tub bearing. This part is very difficult to install. The manufacturer recommends replacing the complete rear tub and bearing assembly.
Fix Number FIX334427
Manufacturer Part Number 285134

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