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Washing Machine Door Lock Assembly
Fix Number FIX12704713
Manufacturer Part Number W11307244
This is a genuine OEM door lock assembly for a top load washing machine. This part is also known as a door switch, and it is used to communicate whether the door to the washer is opened or closed. If the lid is open or unlocked, as a safety feature it will not allow the machine to operate or spin. Attempting to open the lid when it is locked can cause damage to the switch. If your washer will not start, the lid will not open or close, or the machine will pump but not spin, you may need to replace the door lock assembly. Please be sure to disconnect the power supply to your washer before beginning this repair, as you will be working with electrical components.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Lid or door will not open
  • Lid or door won’t close
  • Pumps but will not spin
  • See more...
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Exterior Door Panel - White
Fix Number FIX3490391
Manufacturer Part Number 137265500
Fixes these symptoms
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Door Glass
Fix Number FIX1145708
Manufacturer Part Number 134366400
Fixes these symptoms
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Inner Door Frame - White
Fix Number FIX3490393
Manufacturer Part Number 137280300
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Fix Number FIX8689147
Manufacturer Part Number 137578120
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Inner Door Panel Kit - White
Fix Number FIX975857
Manufacturer Part Number 134426500
Fixes these symptoms
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Door Vent
Fix Number FIX3418915
Manufacturer Part Number 137279900
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Outer Door Panel
Fix Number FIX417383
Manufacturer Part Number 131278700
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Fix Number FIX3518554
Manufacturer Part Number 3212ER1016A
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Washer Door Outer Frame
Fix Number FIX11711736
Manufacturer Part Number MDQ63519003
The door outer frame attaches to the washer door inner frame and holds the door glass in position.

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