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Air Filter – Part Number: EAFCBF
Air Filter
Fix Number FIX1993820
Manufacturer Part Number EAFCBF
This is an OEM carbon-activated refrigerator air filter. One air filter is included in this package. It is black in color and is a rectangular shape. The air filter captures unpleasant odors, keeping food fresh, and ice tasting more desirable. This is a quick and easy repair that does not require any tools. Remove the filter from the package, circle the installation month, remove the old filter from the refrigerator and insert the new one into the receptacle. Do not forget to reset the reminder light. It should go from “Replace” to “Good” until it is time to replace it again in 6 months time.
Fixes these symptoms
Fridge too cold
Fridge too warm
Ice maker not making ice

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Installation Instructions
Michael from RCH CUCAMONGA, CA says,

Replacing expired parts
when you are removing the expired refrigerator water filter to push the part in until it clicks. At which point you allow it to release itself. Make sure not to pull the filter out before pushing it i...read more

Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve – Part Number: 242252702
Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve
Fix Number FIX7784018
Manufacturer Part Number 242252702
Fixes these symptoms
Ice maker dispenses too little ice
Ice maker not making ice
Ice maker won’t dispense ice

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Installation Instructions
roger from hubbard, IA says,

Valve wouldn't fill the ice maker
Old valve used compression fittings on the plastic lines. The new valve uses the push oring fittings which required cutting off the end of each line. The line to the ice maker was quite short to start...read more

Crisper Cover Support - Front – Part Number: 241993101
Crisper Cover Support - Front
Fix Number FIX2358880
Manufacturer Part Number 241993101
This part replaces the front crisper support in your refrigerator. It is sold individually and mounts to the inside cabinet wall.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open or close

Installation Instructions
Michelle from Cypress, TX says,

Crisper cover support broke
I watched the video you had on your website---really easy-you guys ROCK!...read more

Crisper Support - Rear – Part Number: 241993001
Crisper Support - Rear
Fix Number FIX2358879
Manufacturer Part Number 241993001
This part mounts on the inside of the refrigerator wall. It is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open or close

Installation Instructions
Charles from Candler, NC says,

Crisper support broke causing the crisper to chip on back left corner and the plastic cover broke.
Took hammer and punch pushed the cover pin through, using a putty knife and tape to protect the paint pried the cover support out. pushed the new support in and tapped the pin flush with outside edge ...read more

Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly – Part Number: 241798231
Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly
Fix Number FIX12364147
Manufacturer Part Number 241798231
This is an 8 cube ice maker use to produce ice for your refrigerator.
Fixes these symptoms
Clicking sound
Ice maker not making ice
Ice maker won’t dispense ice

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Installation Instructions
Benedict from Simsbury, CT says,

Ice maker stopped making ice
Loosened 2 screws on left side freezer wall. Disconnected wire harness. Took out ice maker. Made sure screws extended far enough out to fit the new ice maker over them. Connected the wire harness. ...read more

Upper or Lower Mullion Hinge Pin – Part Number: 241779401
Upper or Lower Mullion Hinge Pin
Fix Number FIX2358752
Manufacturer Part Number 241779401
Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open or close

Temperature Sensor – Part Number: 316490000
Temperature Sensor
Fix Number FIX1528542
Manufacturer Part Number 316490000
This temperature sensor detects the temperature within the oven cavity.
Fixes these symptoms
Element will not heat
Little to no heat when baking
Oven is too hot

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Installation Instructions
Greg from Belle Plaine, KS says,

Oven was inconsistent on heat, typically way over-heating
Replacing the oven probe is very straightforward, I tested the old one with a multi-meter after pulling the range out (had to disconnect the gas line and unplug the range...the most difficult part of ...read more

Defrost Thermostat Kit – Part Number: 5303918214
Defrost Thermostat Kit
Fix Number FIX469522
Manufacturer Part Number 5303918214
This kit includes the clip, leads and heat shrink.
Fixes these symptoms
Freezer not defrosting
Freezer section too warm
Freezer too cold

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Installation Instructions
charles from burleson, TX says,

Refrigerated side not cooling well. Little or no air blowing through vent at top into refrigerator. Ice build up on back panel in lower part of the freezer. Coil was found to be totally iced up when panel was removed.
The video showed how to do the repair very well so I don't think a detailed description will add anything. I first removed all the ice from the coi...read more

Refrigerator Light Bulb – Part Number: 5304517886
Refrigerator Light Bulb
Fix Number FIX12712277
Manufacturer Part Number 5304517886
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Humberto from Laredo, TX says,

Ice build up in the evaporator.
Im from Mexico, I had to buy all the parts in US, I made an overhaul to my refrigerator, also I replace the main control board wich has the defrost timer integrated in this mother board, tooks me more...read more

Evaporator Fan Blade – Part Number: 5308000010
Evaporator Fan Blade
Fix Number FIX473177
Manufacturer Part Number 5308000010
Fixes these symptoms
Fridge too warm

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