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Door Strike – Part Number: 134937300
Door Strike
Fix Number FIX2345126
Manufacturer Part Number 134937300
Fixes these symptoms
Lid or door won’t close

Installation Instructions

Door would not close
Simple door strike two Phillips screws took 3 minutes...read more

Bellow – Part Number: 134616100
Fix Number FIX2342392
Manufacturer Part Number 134616100
Also known as Door Boot Seal.
Fixes these symptoms

Front Load Washer Door Lock and Switch Assembly – Part Number: 131763256
Front Load Washer Door Lock and Switch Assembly
Fix Number FIX12364048
Manufacturer Part Number 131763256
Fixes these symptoms
Lid or door will not open
Lid or door won’t close

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Installation Instructions
KERRY from AURORA, CO says,

Wouldn't Lock (Door). Light Wouldn't Come On For Door Lock.
Watched a vidio from frigidaire . Unplugged washer !!! Removed locking ring on outside of the rubber boot. Peeled the boot open (only by the door lock area) removed two door lock screws. Unplugged ...read more

Single Shock Mounting Pin – Part Number: 131268300
Single Shock Mounting Pin
Fix Number FIX417323
Manufacturer Part Number 131268300
Fixes these symptoms
Shakes and moves

Door Striker – Part Number: 131763302
Door Striker
Fix Number FIX2378364
Manufacturer Part Number 131763302
This part is found on the door of your washer and keeps your door closed for use.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t close
Lid or door will not open
Lid or door won’t close

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Installation Instructions
James from Rapid City, SD says,

Upper prong on striker broke. Washer door would not close
Remove two screws holding Door Strike in place. Remove old striker. Install new striker reinstalling two screws...read more

Outer Door Window – Part Number: 137067900
Outer Door Window
Fix Number FIX2349411
Manufacturer Part Number 137067900
Also known as Outer Lens.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Water Inlet Valve – Part Number: 134637810
Water Inlet Valve
Fix Number FIX2349248
Manufacturer Part Number 134637810
This water inlet valve works with washers
Fixes these symptoms
Will not stop filling with water

Installation Instructions
Curtis from Lakeland, FL says,

Washer continued to fill with water even with power off.
Disconnected power. Used a screwdriver to remove two screws on the top panel and pulled it back to remove. Turned off water outlets and disconnected from washer. Removed the plastic retainer that hol...read more

Door Latch and Switch Assembly – Part Number: 134629900
Door Latch and Switch Assembly
Fix Number FIX2345085
Manufacturer Part Number 134629900
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions

latch broke from door.
Removed broken latch with screwdriver and replaced with new one....read more

LATCH – Part Number: 5304505088
Fix Number FIX11766033
Manufacturer Part Number 5304505088
Fixes these symptoms
Lid or door won’t close

Shock Absorber Kit – Part Number: 5304485917
Shock Absorber Kit
Fix Number FIX3508101
Manufacturer Part Number 5304485917
This kit is used for front load washers and includes 2 dual-stage shock absorbers, 1 spare shock mounting pin and 4 locking nuts. These shock absorbers keep the washer from vigorous shaking during it's cycles.
Fixes these symptoms
Pumps but will not spin

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Installation Instructions
Adina from Beavercreek, OH says,

Thunking noise when attempting to spin
Both shock absorbers turned out to be broken off, one at the top end and one at the bottom--I assume one shock broke first and the extra force broke the second one immediately or soon after. The inst...read more

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