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Grease Filter – Part Number: 5303319568
Grease Filter
Fix Number FIX466987
Manufacturer Part Number 5303319568
Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Valerie from Fair Lawn, NJ says,

the filter was old and bending all different ways from overwashing it.
slide the filter into position, hold by the tag and slide back. Real easy to do it....read more

FUSE – Part Number: 5304509451
Fix Number FIX12071294
Manufacturer Part Number 5304509451
Fixes these symptoms
Won’t turn on

Door Latch – Part Number: 5304477389
Door Latch
Fix Number FIX2582995
Manufacturer Part Number 5304477389
Fixes these symptoms
Doesn’t shut off
Door not closing properly
Won’t turn on

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Installation Instructions
Anthony from painted post, NY says,

Broken Latch On Door
Pull door off microwave, lay on flt surface. I used a butter knife, gently pry off the cover around glass on back of door. Unscrew 4 screws on back of door in channel that has bee exposed. Lift up ...read more

Door Switch – Part Number: 5304509459
Door Switch
Fix Number FIX12071302
Manufacturer Part Number 5304509459
Fixes these symptoms
Won’t turn on

Microwave Surface Light Bulb – Part Number: 5304461116
Microwave Surface Light Bulb
Fix Number FIX1765541
Manufacturer Part Number 5304461116
This light bulb is for microwaves. Light bulb illuminates the surface below the microwave or the interior of the microwave. Because high-voltage capacitors in a microwave can retain a lethal electrical charge even when the microwave is unplugged, a service technician should install this part unless the owner's manual includes instructions for installing the light bulbs.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Door Latch Spring – Part Number: 5304440316
Door Latch Spring
Fix Number FIX979582
Manufacturer Part Number 5304440316
Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Door not closing properly

Installation Instructions

my door would not close i taught the door latch spring was broken but it was not the spring. It was the bracket thats attach to the door frame that was broken.so i used two part epoxy glue t o atach it back to the frame and let it driy for two days then reconnect it and it is working very well
Disconnect the Elect power and with a putty knife remove the trim around the door very carefully and then remove the door.Then did the repairs and let dry for a couple days then replace...read more

Wave Guide Cover – Part Number: 5304509435
Wave Guide Cover
Fix Number FIX12071278
Manufacturer Part Number 5304509435
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Glass Cooking Tray – Part Number: 5304441872
Glass Cooking Tray
Fix Number FIX979771
Manufacturer Part Number 5304441872
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
High Voltage Diode – Part Number: 5304467670
High Voltage Diode
Fix Number FIX2339491
Manufacturer Part Number 5304467670
Fixes these symptoms
No heat

Light Bulb - 20W – Part Number: 5304440031
Light Bulb - 20W
Fix Number FIX979525
Manufacturer Part Number 5304440031
Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part

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