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Main Terminal Block Kit
Fix Number FIX471605
Manufacturer Part Number 5304409888
Terminal blocks (also called terminal boards or strips) provide a convenient means of connecting individual electrical wires.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Element will not heat
  • Little to no heat when baking
  • Little to no heat when broiling
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In Stock
Fix Number FIX16763418
Manufacturer Part Number 5304533520
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Chris from Dayville, CT
Burner would not turn on/ hot surface light always on
My issue ended up being more than just the burner, but it was all an easy repair. For about a year the "hot surface" light would stay on long after the cooktop had cooled. Then one day the burner just stopped working. (More on that later but my inexperience led me to just order the burner assuming that was the only problem) The burner I removed was not necessarily bad but the temp sensing element which was made of glass had shattered presumably the reason that light would never turn off. I might have been able to just replace the temp sensing probe but I had the new burner in hand and needed my stove up and running. Two screws hold down the glass surface, then you can raise it just like a car hood. Used a piece of wood to prop it up, there is a brace holding the burners in place. You need to take out the pair to access the burner you want to replace. Make note of the holes everything is screwed/clipped in to so the new one goes in exactly the same. There is a great video on youtube I found when searching for "Frigidaire burner replacement" that was step bystep exactly what i encountered on my repair. Once i got the new burner in I was surprised to find it didn't light. I used an ohm meter to test everything and it all looked good at the burner. I pulled the top back panel behind my controls and found a corroded and broken wire on the controls for that burner. My guess is all that time of that probe being broken caused there to be current through that line and fried the wire. Either way it was a quick splice and the new burner fired right up and has been working great ever since. I was especially happy that the new temp probe was metal and not glass so I hopefully don't run into this problem again. Read more...
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Radiant Element with Limiter - 1200W
1 Review
Fix Number FIX1528719
Manufacturer Part Number 318178110
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
James Del from WOLCOTT, CT
replaced a dead burner
lifted the top of the range by removing two middle screws & the top went right up. I held it up by using a two by four. push out two clips from the burner and once the burner is out from it's holder remove the heat clips and put them on the new burner. piece of cake ; even a computer geek can do it. easy!!!!!!!! Read more...
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Sealed Burner - 9.5K
Fix Number FIX2364157
Manufacturer Part Number 316558300
In Stock
Fix Number FIX11775705
Manufacturer Part Number 5304508442
Sold individually. This part helps the flame to spread for even heat. Also protects your burner head from spills. The surface burner cap is located on the top of the burner head and is used in ranges and ovens. The burner cap helps spread out the burner flame for even heating, and protects the burner head from cooking spills. Without the cap you can have a burning gas torch. If your cap is missing or is discolored, replacing this part can solve the issue. This part comes in the color black. Remember to unplug your range from the power source and allow surface to cool before installing this part. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions.
In Stock
Fix Number FIX11775704
Manufacturer Part Number 5304508441
Sold individually. This part helps the flame to spread for even heat. Also protects your burner head from spills.
In Stock
USE WCI 215822000
Fix Number FIX417260
Manufacturer Part Number 131243700
Sold Individually.
In Stock
Left Front Orifice - 9.5K
Fix Number FIX2332664
Manufacturer Part Number 316527500
In Stock
Fix Number FIX11775706
Manufacturer Part Number 5304508443
Sold individually.
In Stock
Right Rear Orifice
Fix Number FIX2349573
Manufacturer Part Number 316527504

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