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Clamp Bolt
Fix Number FIX10166065
Manufacturer Part Number 145344-01
This is an individual OEM blade bolt for a miter saw, also frequently referred to as a clamp bolt. Its purpose is to fasten the blade onto the miter saw, ensuring it does not become loose while in use. It has a hex head that measure a 1/2 inch, is approximately one-inch-long and has reverse threads. Over time, the threads can wear due to continuous changes of the blade and will need to be replaced.
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Fix Number FIX10170261
Manufacturer Part Number 381028-08
This carbon brush fits a variety of gardening and lawn tools. The brush is a common replacement part and can easily fix most motor malfunctions. This brush comes with a wire lead and a connection terminal. Inspect the wire lead for any damage and replace immediately if burns or cracks are noticed. Refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer for installation instructions.
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Brush and Lead
Fix Number FIX10181643
Manufacturer Part Number 614367-00
This OEM brush is sold individually, however two are needed in most power tools, and should be replaced at the same time, even if only one is worn. If the motor of your power tool is running poorly, worn brushes are the likely cause. A brush that is worn out will often wear down near the wire lead and can become cracked, pitted, or burned. When replacing the carbon brushes, take this time to check the condition of the armature, if it appears damaged this can indicate more significant motor issues.
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Blade Adapter Ring
Fix Number FIX10166690
Manufacturer Part Number 152636-00
This is an authentic adapter ring used to mount the saw blade to your miter saw. It is sold as an individual part. Standard 12-inch saw blades have a 1-inch arbor hole, while most miter saw arbors are 5/8 of an inch. This adapter ring is placed on the blade hole and over the arbor so you can use a 12-inch blade. This part is prone to wear and tear, which will make the blade unbalanced, signalling that it should get replaced.
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Kerf Plate
Fix Number FIX10166116
Manufacturer Part Number 146726-02
This Kerf plate is a genuine DeWalt replacement part. It is made of plastic with a slot in the middle for the saw blade to slide through. It has 3 screw holes on each side (6 in total) to firmly secure the kerf plate to your saw. rnrnKerf plates (also called kerf boards) are used to prevent excessive splintering, resulting in cleaner cuts. Using the wrong kerf plate for your tool can give a rough edge to the material you’re cutting.
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Carbon Brush Set
Fix Number FIX10156641
Manufacturer Part Number CB154
This motor brush set is for power tools. Motor brush set transfers electric current to the spinning armature in the motor. The set includes both motor brushes.
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Brush and Spring
Fix Number FIX10166057
Manufacturer Part Number 145323-06
This carbon brush and spring kit includes a carbon brush, wire lead, and a spring. The parts fit a variety of tools such as saws. If you notice your motor is running poorly or is intermittent, then check the brush for damage, cracks, and burns. It is common to replace the brushes repeatedly as they easily wear off from friction and use. Tip: remember to inspect your armature for burns and cracks when replacing your carbon brushes. This will help identify larger motor problems. This part measures to 3/4 inches in length, 1/2 inches in width, and the 1/4 inches in thickness. Refer to the manual for installation instructions and a list of the parts included.
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Locking Pin
Fix Number FIX10170809
Manufacturer Part Number 387130-00
This part includes one locking pin for a miter saw. This is an OEM certified part, meaning it is a guaranteed fit. The locking pin is responsible for locking the saw arm in the down position. The locking pin moves in and out of the bracket, which is how it locks and unlocks the head. You will also want to inspect the condition of the O-ring on the locking pin just in case it also needs to be replaced. The O-ring will need to be purchased separately, as it is not included with the locking pin. If it is still in good condition, just simply transfer the old one to the new locking pin.
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Ball Bearing 6302V
Fix Number FIX10188573
Manufacturer Part Number N127530
This Ball Bearing is sealed on both sides. It is a genuine replacement part and is sold individually. Ball bearings are used to reduce friction between rotating parts. The balls or rollers take the load and spin, distributing the weight evenly while the minimal contact area of the ball reduces friction. This reduces wear on the tool and allows it to run smoothly. Bearings experience constant wear when the tool is in operation from pressure, heat, vibration and friction. Because of this, many Bearings need periodic maintenance or replacement.
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Fix Number FIX10181008
Manufacturer Part Number 606056-00
This is a trigger switch, which controls the on and off and variable speed functions of the power tool. This trigger has four terminals, which will damage and wear with use. If your equipment is not starting when using the switch or if the variable speed or electric braking are not functioning, these are all common symptoms of a malfunctioning trigger switch. This part is genuinely sourced direct from the manufacturer and is sold individually.


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