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Carbon Brush – Part Number: N031652
Carbon Brush
Fix Number FIX10116513
Manufacturer Part Number N031652
This brush is a genuine Porter-Cable replacement part, not generic. As pictured, this brush is ready to install and includes carbon brush, wire lead, and spring. This item is sold individually. Over time, brushes will wear down and eventually require replacement. This brush will fit the models listed in the 'Compatibility' section below. It is not guaranteed to fit any other power tool models. • Worn brushes are often the cause of a poorly running motor • Replacing brushes can fix an intermittent motor • New brushes can restore a motor’s electric braking Carbon motor brushes are one of the most commonly replaced power tool components. Because carbon brushes are wear items, meaning that through friction and use they will gradually wear away, they will eventually require replacement. Worn brushes are common causes of intermittent motor function, reduced electric braking, and reduced motor power. A worn out brush will often be worn down near the wire lead and may be cracked, pitted, or burned. When replacing carbon brushes, be sure to also inspect your armature for burns, cracks, or other damage which indicates a larger motor problem.
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Wrench Open End 1 1/8" – Part Number: A22709
Wrench Open End 1 1/8"
Fix Number FIX10115468
Manufacturer Part Number A22709
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No Symptoms for this part
Router Motor Brush – Part Number: N031634
Router Motor Brush
Fix Number FIX10116510
Manufacturer Part Number N031634
This motor brush is for routers. The motor brush transfers electric current to the spinning armature in the motor. Unplug the router before installing this part.
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Brush Cap – Part Number: 803483
Brush Cap
Fix Number FIX10109745
Manufacturer Part Number 803483
This is a brush cap for your power tools. It holds the brush inside the tool. It has external threads that lead into the housing of the tool. When removing this part be gentle because too much pressure can make them crack. This part is made of plastic, and is sold individually. To remove the brush cap you should use a flat head screw driver.
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Strain Reliever – Part Number: 901266
Strain Reliever
Fix Number FIX10113583
Manufacturer Part Number 901266
This is a strain reliever for your power tools. It found at the meeting place between your cord, and the outer tool housing. The relief is an important part for your power tool because it protects your cord from tearing and breaking due to constant pressure. Keep your relief in good condition because it will extend the life of the cord, and the machine overall.
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Installation Instructions
Jeff from WISC RAPIDS, WI says,

Strain reliever broken at base of saw. Core frayed.
1. Unplug saw. 2.Examine and determine which parts need to be removed to gain access to switch. 3.Remove screws one at a time and placed in dish keeping track of size and length of where removed more

Clamp Knob – Part Number: 874582
Clamp Knob
Fix Number FIX10110668
Manufacturer Part Number 874582
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No Symptoms for this part
Brush and Lead – Part Number: 398139-01
Brush and Lead
Fix Number FIX10172059
Manufacturer Part Number 398139-01
This is a single carbon brush with lead and rubber sheath attached. If your motor is running poorly, intermittently, or the electric braking has failed, these are all signs of worn brushes. For this repair, you will need to remove the motor cap, pull the brush springs away from the brush, and pull the brushes away from the commutator. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to disconnect the wire lead connector from the holder.
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No Symptoms for this part
Bearing – Part Number: 330003-05
Fix Number FIX11874019
Manufacturer Part Number 330003-05
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No Symptoms for this part
On/Off Switch- 120V – Part Number: A22756
On/Off Switch- 120V
Fix Number FIX10115476
Manufacturer Part Number A22756
This part is a 120V rocker type OEM switch with two terminals, sold individually. It has a compact design, which makes the installation process much easier. The switch controls the on and off function as well as the variable speed. It usually becomes apparent that the switch is malfunctioning if the tool will not turn on, works intermittently, or the variable speed or electric braking are not working. Switch replacements are common on power tools, especially after years of use. If you suspect a faulty switch, test it with a multimeter. Installation and removal of this part may vary depending on the model. For most routers you will need to remove the motor cap from the motor, and then the wires from the switch to remove it.
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Cord Protector – Part Number: 330005-01
Cord Protector
Fix Number FIX10169655
Manufacturer Part Number 330005-01
This is a cord protector, but it is also called a strain relief, and it is used with multiple power tools. This part is made of firm rubber to protect the cords from being pulled out or exposed, which would be a safety hazard. Over time the strain relief can develop cracks and break into pieces. This part is black and 4 inches long. The smallest end has a diameter of 0.5 inches. When completing this repair tuck in all wires to avoid pinching.
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Installation Instructions
John from Hancock, MI says,

Did not come with grinding disc guard
While unit was unplugged I screwed clamp of guard around more


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