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Brush Assembly
Fix Number FIX10122139
Manufacturer Part Number 22-18-0075
This authentically sourced replacement carbon brush has a wire lead, brush spring, and bracket attached. This brush is sold individually, however, your tool requires two brushes to operate. If your motor is running poorly, worn brushes are the most common reason. A worn brush usually shows wear near the wire lead and sometimes has cracks or burns. We highly suggest checking the armature for burns at the same time, as this might indicate a more serious issue with your motor.
Special Order
Cord Protector
Fix Number FIX10131782
Manufacturer Part Number 44-76-0210
This cord protector is created to slide onto your cord and fit tightly at the end to protect the base of the cord from getting damaged. If the wires are exposed it can a be a safety hazard, so make sure to replace your cord protector if damaged. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions.
Special Order
Carbon Brush (2 Required)
Fix Number FIX10122124
Manufacturer Part Number 22-16-0410
This is a genuine OEM carbon brush, sold individually. A worn carbon brush is usually the cause for a motor that is running poorly or intermittently. This is why they need to be regularly inspected and replaced at the first sign of wear. This is also the perfect opportunity to inspect the armature, especially if sparks are present.
Special Order
10-24 X 1/2" Pan HD. Sit. Tapt. T-25
Fix Number FIX10118952
Manufacturer Part Number 06-82-5314
This part includes one pan head torx screw. It is sourced directly from the original manufacturer, ensuring a premium high-quality screw. It is compatible with a variety of equipment, so will serve various applications. It measures 10-24 by 1/2. Be sure to use the appropriate size tool to loosen and tighten it so it does not get damaged.
Special Order
10-24X7/8" Pan Tapt. Torx
Fix Number FIX10118983
Manufacturer Part Number 06-82-5574
Special Order
Ball Bearing
1 Review
Fix Number FIX10116952
Manufacturer Part Number 02-04-2006
In Stock
8-16X5/8" Pan Sit. Plast Torx
Fix Number FIX10119015
Manufacturer Part Number 06-82-7270
This Torx screw fits a variety of lawn and gardening tools. The screw has a diameter of 8, 16 thread counts, and 5/8 inches for the length. Refer to diagram provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions.
Special Order
1/4-20 X 1-1/2" Pan SLT. Tapt. T-30
Fix Number FIX10118975
Manufacturer Part Number 06-82-5514
Special Order
Rocker Switch
Fix Number FIX10123753
Manufacturer Part Number 23-66-2280
In Stock
Cord 16-3 8'
Fix Number FIX10122663
Manufacturer Part Number 22-64-0121

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