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Power Cord
Fix Number FIX10169913
Manufacturer Part Number 330079-98
It is constructed with tough, thick outer rubber insulation for a long service life. Power Cord Specifications: • 2 Prongs • 2 Wires • 14 Gauge • 10 Feet Long
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Fix Number FIX9963654
Manufacturer Part Number 5130830-00
This is a flat washer for your power tools. Most commonly it provides a tight seal for the connecting pieces inside the reel of your machine. It also helps distribute the pressure in your tool. To replace it you will need a screwdriver.
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Router Motor Brush
Fix Number FIX10116510
Manufacturer Part Number N031634
This motor brush is for routers. The motor brush transfers electric current to the spinning armature in the motor. Unplug the router before installing this part.
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Fix Number FIX10017724
Manufacturer Part Number 849314
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Strain Reliever
Fix Number FIX10113583
Manufacturer Part Number 901266
This is a strain reliever for your power tools. It found at the meeting place between your cord, and the outer tool housing. The relief is an important part for your power tool because it protects your cord from tearing and breaking due to constant pressure. Keep your relief in good condition because it will extend the life of the cord, and the machine overall.
Installation Instructions
Strain reliever broken at base of saw. Core frayed.
1. Unplug saw. 2.Examine and determine which parts need to be removed to gain access to switch. 3.Remove screws one at a time and placed in dish keeping track of size and length of where removed from handle. 4. Slowly pull handle apart exposing switch and wires. 5. Remove screws holding black and white wires keeping track of which wire goes where. 6. Thread new power cord the same way the old one was positioned though the handle and reassemble. Read more...
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Fix Number FIX10114649
Manufacturer Part Number 908572
In Stock
Wrench Open End 1 1/8"
1 Review
Fix Number FIX10115468
Manufacturer Part Number A22709
This is an open end wrench for a router, sold individually. This genuinely sourced part is approximately 1-1/8-inches in dimension. It is usually replaced because the original has been misplaced. Two wrenches are needed, one to hold the collet nut, and one to hold the collet chuck.
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Brush and Spring (Sold Individually, Order 2 For A Set)
Fix Number FIX10172207
Manufacturer Part Number 400814-00
On Order
Clamp Knob
Fix Number FIX10110668
Manufacturer Part Number 874582
In Stock
Brush Cap
1 Review
Fix Number FIX10109745
Manufacturer Part Number 803483
This is a brush cap for your power tools. It holds the brush inside the tool. It has external threads that lead into the housing of the tool. When removing this part be gentle because too much pressure can make them crack. This part is made of plastic, and is sold individually. To remove the brush cap you should use a flat head screw driver.

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