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Carbon Brush Assembly
Fix Number FIX10122192
Manufacturer Part Number 22-18-0680
This carbon brush is used on a variety of cordless tools and appliances. *Please note: This part is sold individually. Carbon brushes are commonly replaced because they wear out easily with friction. If your brush is worn out it can cause disruption in the functioning of the motor and reduce electric braking. If you notice cracks, burns and other damage on wire lead, then it is best to replace it to restore the motor and its functions. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions.
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Flange Nut
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Fix Number FIX10131039
Manufacturer Part Number 44-40-0035
This is an authentic flange nut for multiple grinder models. The flange nut fits onto the spindle, followed by the grinding wheel. The flange is secured in place using a spanner wrench, which fits neatly into the holes of the flange nut. It measures approximately 5/8-inches and is sold individually.
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Disk Flange
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Fix Number FIX10129924
Manufacturer Part Number 43-34-0036
This part includes one disk flange for a grinder. This disk flange is an OEM quality part, ensuring the perfect fit. The disc flange works with the nut to secure the grinding disk to your grinder. It is common for the hub to wear, which can lead to a wobbly grinding wheel. For this quick and easy repair, you will need a wrench to remove the nut and a screwdriver to help pry off the old disk flange.
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Carbon Brush/Lead (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX10122198
Manufacturer Part Number 22-18-0710
This carbon brush lead or also known as a carbon motor brush fits the following tools: angle grinders, nibbler and shears, sander polishers, and jig saws. This includes the brush and a wire lead attached. This is one of the most commonly replaced power tool components because the carbon brushes easily wear off with friction and use. If your brush is worn out it can cause intermittent motor function, reduction in electric braking, and in motor power. If you notice burns and cracks on the wire lead, then it is best to replace this part. Tip: when replacing your carbon brush, make sure to inspect your armature for damage as well, in case there are larger motor problems.
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Carbon Brush/Spring (2 Required)
Fix Number FIX10122203
Manufacturer Part Number 22-18-0730
This is a carbon brush, used in a multiple different power tools. It is recommended to replace both carbon brushes at the same time even if only one appears worn. This part includes one manufacturer-approved carbon brush, so you may wish to order two. Carbon brushes are a very common replacement part and should be checked and replaced as part of your power tools regular maintenance. When inspecting the carbon brushes, it is also advisable to check the condition of the armature, especially if sparks were present.
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Carbon Brush Assembly
Fix Number FIX10122413
Manufacturer Part Number 22-22-1560
This carbon brush assembly includes the brush, holder, and spring. This part is approved by the manufacturer, ensuring quality performance and compatibility. A worn carbon brush is the most likely cause for a motor that is not performing properly or at all, which is why they are so important to keep well-maintained. For this quick and simple repair you may require a screwdriver and a set of pliers.
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Carbon Brush and Lead (2 Required)
Fix Number FIX10122149
Manufacturer Part Number 22-18-0126
This is an authentic Milwaukee replacement part. The rubber feet on the bottom of your chop saw not only keep the machine stable, they help keep the machine in one place during operation, and they help minimize the vibration. These rubber feet help keep things running safely and efficiently. This part is made out of rubber, over time they will break down and need to be replaced. Each foot is sold individually. Installation is simple and requires no special tools. Before repairing or replacing any part on your chop saw make sure it is unplugged.
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Brush Assembly (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX10122342
Manufacturer Part Number 22-20-1010
This part includes one carbon brush in metal housing. If your motor is running unsatisfactory or inconsistently, you likely need to replace the carbon brushes. If you notice sparks, this can also be an indicator that the armature is also damaged, so we recommend checking both. This carbon brush is manufacturer-approved, ensuring a smooth repair.
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Cord Protector
Fix Number FIX10131782
Manufacturer Part Number 44-76-0210
This cord protector is created to slide onto your cord and fit tightly at the end to protect the base of the cord from getting damaged. If the wires are exposed it can a be a safety hazard, so make sure to replace your cord protector if damaged. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions.
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10-24 X 1/2" Pan HD. Torx Sem
Fix Number FIX10119071
Manufacturer Part Number 06-82-8864