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Carbon Brush Assembly
Fix Number FIX10122192
Manufacturer Part Number 22-18-0680
This carbon brush is used on a variety of cordless tools and appliances. *Please note: This part is sold individually. Carbon brushes are commonly replaced because they wear out easily with friction. If your brush is worn out it can cause disruption in the functioning of the motor and reduce electric braking. If you notice cracks, burns and other damage on wire lead, then it is best to replace it to restore the motor and its functions. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions.
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Carbon Brush Set
Fix Number FIX10156653
Manufacturer Part Number CB340
Set of 2 Carbon Brushes with wire leads and brush springs attached. The set contains genuine Makita replacement parts, and comes packaged in a Makita retail box. rnThis brush set will fit the Makita tools listed at the bottom of the page. • Worn brushes frequently are the cause behind a motor running poorly. • Replacing brushes can fix a motor that’s operating intermittently. • New brushes can restore a motor’s electric braking. Carbon brushes are one of the most commonly replaced power tool parts. This is because carbon brushes are wear items, meaning that through friction and use they will gradually wear away until they need replacing. Worn brushes are a common causes of intermittent motor function, reduced electric braking and reduced motor power. A worn-out brush will often be worn down near to the wire lead and can be cracked, pitted, or burned. When replacing carbon brushes, be sure to inspect your armature for burns, cracks, or other damage which can indicate larger motor problems.
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Power Cord
Fix Number FIX10153834
Manufacturer Part Number 664064-4
This is a power cord, and it is used with several power tools. It is made of a thick rubber that is tough, and insulated for a long life. It has two 18 gauge wires, and is 8 feet long. When removing your old cord, take note of the wire leads placements, and how they connect to the receptacle in the tool. You will have to attach the new cord similarly.
Installation Instructions
John from Hancock, MI
Did not come with grinding disc guard
While unit was unplugged I screwed clamp of guard around grinder. Read more...
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Carbon Brush Set CB-325
Fix Number FIX10156652
Manufacturer Part Number CB325
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Switch Button
Fix Number FIX10150875
Manufacturer Part Number 419566-3
This is an individually sold black switch button. The switch button is what the user presses to turn the tool on or off. It connects to the actuating lever which runs to the switch. Due to consistent use , the switch can be prone to deterioration. If the tool is not turning on, or the locked position is no longer working, it may be due to a malfunctioning switch. This OEM quality switch is the part you will need to get your tool up and running again.
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Fix Number FIX10153514
Manufacturer Part Number 650579-7
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Retaining Ring S-12
Fix Number FIX10036146
Manufacturer Part Number 961052-5
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Fix Number FIX12529228
Manufacturer Part Number N332459
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Brush Holder
Fix Number FIX10153364
Manufacturer Part Number 643760-7
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1/4" Collet
Fix Number FIX10133988
Manufacturer Part Number 48-66-0975


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