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Thermal Relief Valve
Fix Number FIX9995931
Manufacturer Part Number 678169004
This thermal release valve is for pressure washers. Thermal release valve attaches to the pump and releases the water and high pressure inside the pump if the water temperature exceeds normal operating temperatures. Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.
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Detergent Suction Kit
Fix Number FIX9938134
Manufacturer Part Number 308452002
This is an OEM detergent suction kit, also referred to as a chemical injection kit, for a pressure washer. This kit is threaded into the pump assembly and is connected to the chemical siphon tube that is located in a container that holds the cleaner. This kit includes, (1) bronze nozzle, (1) large O-ring, (1) small O-ring, (1) steel ball, (1) spring (5 components total). For this repair, use a pair of pliers to grasp the detergent supply tube and remove the tube from the chemical injector. Remove the old injector with a wrench. To prepare the kit, start by placing the O-rings on the bronzed nozzle, then the steel ball, then the spring. Apply lubricant on the large O-ring and then thread it back into the port.
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Air Purge Bulb
Fix Number FIX9867073
Manufacturer Part Number 01183
This air purge bulb fits gardening tools such as trimmers, saws, leaf blowers, and power brooms. The air purge bulb purges air from the carburetor and delivers fuel up through the fuel line into the carburetor. When the carburetor is full of fuel, the bulb pushes the excess fuel back into the tank. If your bulb lost its elasticity or has begun to crack, then it is best to replace it. It is recommended that before you repair, to drain the fuel from the tank. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for installation instructions.
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Fix Number FIX9997616
Manufacturer Part Number 692512002
This is a round metal sleeve with an approximate diameter of 3/4-inches, with a beveled centre with a 1/4-inch bore. It is sold individually, and sourced directly from the original manufacturer. The sleeve is part of the clamp assembly and is used to secure accessories to the tool.
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Fix Number FIX16324400
Manufacturer Part Number 308451067
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Compression Spring
Fix Number FIX9996272
Manufacturer Part Number 679034001
This is a compression spring for trimmers and edgers. The purpose of the compression spring is to provide tension to the trimmer head feed assembly. It is common for this spring to weaken to the point that it is no longer supplying tension. This may become obvious when the trimmer head is feeding line even when it has not been bumped to the ground. For this repair, you will need to remove the head knob, spool, and plastic slider. This should be a fairly quick and simple process that can be done with a screwdriver.
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Adapter Blade
Fix Number FIX9997610
Manufacturer Part Number 692496002
This is a single adaptor blade, sold individually. The blade adapter keeps the blade steady in the proper position while the tool is being used, and also makes it possible to use accessories from other manufacturers. When using these accessories, you will install the adaptor first, and then the chosen accessory. Depending on the manufacturer, you will install the adaptor with either the B facing out or the D facing out. You will need to consult the user manual to know which side is correct for your specific tool.
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Spray Wand
Fix Number FIX12090574
Manufacturer Part Number 308494075
This is an OEM spray wand for a pressure washer, sold individually. The spray wand attaches to the trigger handle, and the nozzle attaches to the end of the spray wand. It has a fitting size of 1/4-inches. The most common reason for replacing the spray wand is when water is leaking from it. There are a few common causes of a leaky wand, including a damaged O-ring, where it attaches to the trigger handle, or a damaged O-ring or coupler where the nozzle is attached. There also may be a crack in the plastic housing. This is a simple replacement that does not requiring any tools.
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Spark Plug
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Fix Number FIX10018287
Manufacturer Part Number 870174001
This spark plug is used for lawn and garden equipment engines, such as trimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, cultivators, edgers, tillers and power brooms. The spark plug delivers electric current from an ignition system to an internal combustion engine, basically igniting the fuel in the engine. With use, spark plugs can become dirty and fouled, if this is the case then replace your spark plug to solve this issue. Repair tip: you will need to gap your spark plug. Follow instructions in the manual provided by the manufacturer for further guidance.
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Start Key
Fix Number FIX11857475
Manufacturer Part Number 311280001

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