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Start Key
Fix Number FIX11857475
Manufacturer Part Number 311280001
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Fix Number FIX11860790
Manufacturer Part Number 970698001
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Blade Holder
Fix Number FIX11857962
Manufacturer Part Number 526921001
Installation Instructions
Stephen from Napa, CA
Dammed the blade on my lawnmower and all plastic spacers.
Step 1 I simply removed the old blade.

Step 2 replaced old parts with new ones.
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Battery Cover
Fix Number FIX11858006
Manufacturer Part Number 529259001
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Indexing Spring & Pin
Fix Number FIX10046419
Manufacturer Part Number GP586051
This is a genuine OEM replacement part sourced directly from Homelite. The indexing spring and pin are located next to the wheels and they are used to adjust the height of the mower deck. To determine the best height for your mower you need to take into account the type of grass you are cutting, and the time of year in which you are cutting it. For a healthy lawn you never want to cut off more than one-third of the blade at any one time. The indexing spring and pin are made of metal. We recommend you place the lawn mower on a flat surface while adjusting the height.
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Fix Number FIX10047474
Manufacturer Part Number JA376110
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Fix Number FIX12091200
Manufacturer Part Number 621628001
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Mulch Plug, 20 Inch DC
Fix Number FIX11857983
Manufacturer Part Number 527556001
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Adjustment Knob
Fix Number FIX11857998
Manufacturer Part Number 528361002
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Battery Cover Spring
Fix Number FIX11858671
Manufacturer Part Number 679074002

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