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Bolt- Hex Hd. – Part Number: JA359180
Bolt- Hex Hd.
Fix Number FIX10047411
Manufacturer Part Number JA359180
This is a genuine Homelite replacement part. This bolt is an important part of the wheel assembly on your lawn mower; it is commonly used to hold the wheel mechanism to the lawn mower. Refer to model specific diagrams for appropriate use and application. This bolt is made out of metal. To install of remover nuts you will need a wrench, we also recommend you wear work gloves while installing this bolt.
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Blade- Cutter – Part Number: JA993820
Blade- Cutter
Fix Number FIX10048006
Manufacturer Part Number JA993820
This is a genuine Homelite replacement part. The blade of your mower is essential; the blade rotates under the mower to cut the grass. Over time is can dull, damage, or break. Damaged mower blades could lead to an increased vibration in the mower, or irregular grass cutting patterns. If your blades are dull and have no signs of damage they can be sharpened several times before you will need to replace the blade. The lawn mower blade is made of metal. Before starting this repair let the engine cool, remove the spark plug wire, and ensure there is little to no fuel in the tank. While replacing the blade in your mower wear work gloves to protect your hands.
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Indexing Spring & Pin – Part Number: GP586051
Indexing Spring & Pin
Fix Number FIX10046419
Manufacturer Part Number GP586051
This is a genuine OEM replacement part sourced directly from Homelite. The indexing spring and pin are located next to the wheels and they are used to adjust the height of the mower deck. To determine the best height for your mower you need to take into account the type of grass you are cutting, and the time of year in which you are cutting it. For a healthy lawn you never want to cut off more than one-third of the blade at any one time. The indexing spring and pin are made of metal. We recommend you place the lawn mower on a flat surface while adjusting the height.
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