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Spark Plug
Fix Number FIX10018287
Manufacturer Part Number 870174001
This spark plug is used for lawn and garden equipment engines, such as trimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, cultivators, edgers, tillers and power brooms. The spark plug delivers electric current from an ignition system to an internal combustion engine, basically igniting the fuel in the engine. With use, spark plugs can become dirty and fouled, if this is the case then replace your spark plug to solve this issue. Repair tip: you will need to gap your spark plug. Follow instructions in the manual provided by the manufacturer for further guidance.
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Starter Rope
Fix Number FIX10022167
Manufacturer Part Number 900849001
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Nut-Locking Hex (10-32)
Fix Number FIX9995519
Manufacturer Part Number 671079001
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Guide Bar Plate
Fix Number FIX9986943
Manufacturer Part Number 631036001
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Fix Number FIX9989456
Manufacturer Part Number 660634001
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Starter Grip
Fix Number FIX10050049
Manufacturer Part Number PS06114
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Guide Bar Plate
Fix Number FIX9986946
Manufacturer Part Number 631038001
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Sprocket Drum & Bearing Assembly
Fix Number FIX9865221
Manufacturer Part Number 000998263
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Throttle Cable
Fix Number FIX10022163
Manufacturer Part Number 900845001
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Spark Plug (Champion RCJ4)
Fix Number FIX10018285
Manufacturer Part Number 870170001
Installation Instructions
Larry from CAPE MAY CH, NJ
Difficult - No Start
Replaced Spark Plug , Air Filter , Fuel Filter (inside Fuel Tank) all very easy. Replace collapsed Fuel Line. Have to re insert fuel line into smaller entry hole upper top of fuel tank and connect to male inlet barb at air intake. Challenging due to size. Lubricate fuel line for easier install. Not impossible but need some patience. Started right up with two pulls. Read more...

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