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Fix Number FIX10022303
Manufacturer Part Number 901289001
This part is the replacement chain for your pole saw. It is made of metal and is sold individually. The chain rotates around the bar to help the pole saw cut properly. If the chain is damaged or missing teeth, it may not cut evenly, or at all, and will need to be replaced. This is an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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John from Yuma, AZ
Chain adjustment broken. Chain jammed and damaged badly
Removed cover and chain guide with adjustable wrench. Removed chain adjuster, took out broken part (the screw slider). Replaced adjuster with new parts. (Mounting Screws supplied were machine screws, old ones were sheet-metal type. I used the old screws.) Fitted the new chain to the guide, put everything back in place, adjusted chain tension using the brand-new chain adjuster. It worked. Replaced cover, tightened everything up and tested unit. It worked perfectly! Not yet used to trim a tree but I think it looks promising! Read more...
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Hanger Cap
Fix Number FIX9872882
Manufacturer Part Number 099078001039
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9943997
Manufacturer Part Number 33302102G
In Stock
Carburetor Gasket
Fix Number FIX10022229
Manufacturer Part Number 900994004
In Stock
Chain / Carlton
Fix Number FIX9997374
Manufacturer Part Number 690583002
In Stock
Guide Bar
Fix Number FIX11858614
Manufacturer Part Number 671834023
In Stock
Oil Cover Gasket
Fix Number FIX10037534
Manufacturer Part Number 985265001
Special Order
Retaining Ring
Fix Number FIX9995468
Manufacturer Part Number 670608002
Installation Instructions
Motor died, needed replacing
There's not much out there to tear the machine apart. I previously replaced the input gear assembly which meant taking everything apart. I was careful to take photos of how things looked before disassembling and that helped somewhat. It's not hard, you just need to be observant how the wires tuck into the slotted recesses so they don't bind when re-assembling. Housings may need some wiggling and jiggling to get aligned but if everything's in its place the exterior housings enclosing the motor assembly and the larger shells will go together nicely; if the parts don't seem to be going together right there's something in the way binding it up. If I had to do the entire process again it probably would take about 30 minutes but I'm slow at these things and it took more like an hour or more. Good news is the chainsaw works like it should with a new motor. I have one body screw left over that goes somewhere and that's a little troubling but not losing sleep over it. Read more...
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Shoulder Strap (BC)
Fix Number FIX9938176
Manufacturer Part Number 308487001
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9985138
Manufacturer Part Number 610323001

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