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Spool Retainer - Black
Fix Number FIX9937839
Manufacturer Part Number 308042002
This is a spool retainer for your trimmer. You may also know this part as a bump knob. It is a right-hand thread screw to remove and attach to your trimmer head. Inside the spool housing, it holds the spool with the cutting line. It also is acts as a protection bumper to advance the line from the spool without damage. This part is considered a wear and tear part on your trimmer as it is constantly replaced.
Installation Instructions
Fred from Shevlin, MN
Spool retainer was worn and could not be removed from overheated spool assembly.
I used a pliers to hold shaft steady and a wrench to remove the inner bolt. I replaced the spool assembly and installed the new spool retainer. This took about ten minutes to fix once the problem was determined. Read more...
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Washer (BC)
Fix Number FIX11858641
Manufacturer Part Number 678013001
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Carburetor Kit
Fix Number FIX9884216
Manufacturer Part Number 120900026
This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. carburetors are a vital part of the ignition system in your lawn and garden equipment. The carburetor blends the fuel and air to create the mixture required to keep your engine running smooth. Without the proper fuel air mixture your engine won?t start, or it might run intermittently. This kit includes the full carburetor assembly and the gasket. This carburetor is commonly used in trimmers and lawn tractors. You will need basic hand tools to successfully install this carburetor. Before replacing this part make sure you have removed the spark plug and drain the fuel from the tank.

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