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Brush- E-4R
Fix Number FIX11871060
Manufacturer Part Number 0050439SRV
Fixes these symptoms
  • Engine is running but no AC output is available
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Fix Number FIX11871112
Manufacturer Part Number 0051094SRV
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Foot- Rubber 106-W
Fix Number FIX11870924
Manufacturer Part Number 0047774SRV
This is a single OEM black rubber foot for a generator. The rubber foot is used to keep the unit secure on the ground while it is operating. It also keeps the frame off the floor to prevent it from damaging the unit or the floor itself. If your generator is unstable or the rubber foot has completely worn to the point that the unit comes in contact with the ground, its time to get it replaced.
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Circuit Breaker 25 Amp
Fix Number FIX11870960
Manufacturer Part Number 0049072SRV
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Fix Number FIX9870114
Manufacturer Part Number 072-0006
This is an authentic OEM replacement part that has been sourced directly from Powermate. The petcock on your air compressor is also known as a drain valve. While your compressor is pressurizing air a layer of moisture builds up inside the tank, the valve allows you to drain the condensation and compressed air from the tank. This helps limit the corrosion of the tank, and extends the life of you air compressor. Your drain valve might need to be replaced if it is corroded, rusted, leaky, or stripped down. This drain valve comes with sealant on the threads, this helps ensure the connection is airtight when the part is installed. Before starting this replacement be sure to disconnect power to your air compressor and drain all of the air from your tank.
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Circuit Breaker- 20 Amp
Fix Number FIX11870959
Manufacturer Part Number 0049071SRV
In Stock
Fix Number FIX11871959
Manufacturer Part Number 0063771SRV
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Fuel Cap
Fix Number FIX11871298
Manufacturer Part Number 0056231SRV
In Stock
Fix Number FIX11870891
Manufacturer Part Number 0034843.01
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Cylinder O-Ring
Fix Number FIX9869123
Manufacturer Part Number 054-0225

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