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Wheel, 13 Inch, Right
1 Review
Fix Number FIX10041115
Manufacturer Part Number A200809
This is a genuine OEM supplied replacement wheel that is specially manufactured for use on Powermate and Southland rear tine tillers. It is the right wheel that keeps the unit mobile for easy transportation. This high-quality wheel is sold individually, it consists of a metal rim and a durable rubber tire. Please note the left wheel and the hardware to secure these parts are all sold separately.
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Wheel, 13 Inch, Left
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX10040975
Manufacturer Part Number A200597
This Wheel is an OEM replacement part for select models of Southland and Powermate tillers. For full compatibility, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. This Wheel attaches to the bottom of the tiller and allows for easy movement of the tiller. If your wheels are missing or damaged, they need to be replaced. This wheel is made of durable black rubber, is approximately 13" in diameter, and is sold individually. Please note, the hardware used to attach the wheel is not included, and this part is only compatible with the left side of the tiller, to replace the right wheel please see part #A200809.
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Asm, Primer Bulb
Fix Number FIX10105780
Manufacturer Part Number A201683
Installation Instructions
Rob from Yorktown, IN
original primar bulb dry cracked, sucking air, engine not running properly. could not find a replacement any where, online stores or repair shops. (off brand, foreign engine.) long time researching, Fix.com had it!
10 minutes, popped old one off, popped new one in, running perfect.
only flaw,, WAY OVER PRICED , but machine back in business
In Stock
Reverse Drive Belt, 5Pk740
Fix Number FIX10040908
Manufacturer Part Number A200528
In Stock
Extension Control Cable Reverse (1430mm)
Fix Number FIX16723235
Manufacturer Part Number A203121
In Stock
Forward Drive Belt 7Pk597
Fix Number FIX10040892
Manufacturer Part Number A200512
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Larry from Kannapolis, NC
Wouldn't go forward
Just kept taking apart until it was visually enough room to slide belt on, belt is long enough so you don't have to remove pulleys, I took pictures of springs so I would put them in right holes when re-assembling, family easy Read more...
In Stock
Spring, Clutch Rod
Fix Number FIX10040883
Manufacturer Part Number A200503
In Stock
Recoil Starter Assembly
1 Review
Fix Number FIX10041100
Manufacturer Part Number A200783
Fixes these symptoms
  • Cannot pull starter cord out or engine will not turn over
  • See more...
In Stock
Throttle Trigger & Cable
Fix Number FIX10041055
Manufacturer Part Number A200738
On Order
Drag Bar, Three Hole
Fix Number FIX10105682
Manufacturer Part Number A200378

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