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Air Cleaner Element
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX10039827
Manufacturer Part Number A100631
Installation Instructions
Jeff from TERRELL, TX
Fuel crystal rebuilt fu
Rebuilt fuel system.
In Stock
Blade, Edger/KB21Y.05-01
8 Reviews
Fix Number FIX11873609
Manufacturer Part Number A100503
Installation Instructions
Daniel from AUBURNDALE, FL
Blade worn out
First thing, remove the spark plug, to relieve any chance of compression build up and the blade turn on you while changing it. Remove the blade and install new blade. It does require a wrench on the behind the blade ‘axle’ to keep it from moving while releasing the front holding nut and washer while do both actions, removing and replacing. Reinstall spark plug and start engine to assure the new blade was installed properly. Note: it is easier to replace the blade at waist level than on the ground though it can be done on the ground. Just us ‘older’ ones find it easier not having to get up off the ground. Read more...
In Stock
Fuel Line Fitting / Filter
Fix Number FIX10040226
Manufacturer Part Number A101191
In Stock
Starter Assembly
3 Reviews
Fix Number FIX10040084
Manufacturer Part Number A100998
In Stock
Spark Plug (Champion RCJ4)
Fix Number FIX10018285
Manufacturer Part Number 870170001
Installation Instructions
Larry from CAPE MAY CH, NJ
Difficult - No Start
Replaced Spark Plug , Air Filter , Fuel Filter (inside Fuel Tank) all very easy. Replace collapsed Fuel Line. Have to re insert fuel line into smaller entry hole upper top of fuel tank and connect to male inlet barb at air intake. Challenging due to size. Lubricate fuel line for easier install. Not impossible but need some patience. Started right up with two pulls. Read more...
In Stock
Fuel Tank
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX10041172
Manufacturer Part Number A201123
In Stock
Blade, Earth
Fix Number FIX10041201
Manufacturer Part Number A201181
In Stock
Gasket, Carburetor
Fix Number FIX10041163
Manufacturer Part Number A201111
In Stock
Edger Belt
Fix Number FIX10039670
Manufacturer Part Number A100493
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10039824
Manufacturer Part Number A100628

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