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Knob Wing Plate
Fix Number FIX11966132
Manufacturer Part Number 532185577
This is a knob wing plate, which is also sometimes referred to as handle knob. It is made out of plastic and is sourced right from the original manufacturer, ensuing the perfect fit for your equipment. Your lawn mower has two of these, however they are sold separately. They are located on either side of the upper handle and are used to attach the upper and lower handles together. No tools are need for this quick and effortless repair.
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Handle bolt
Fix Number FIX11966260
Manufacturer Part Number 532191574
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Hex Flange Nut
Fix Number FIX11966404
Manufacturer Part Number 532409149
This is an authentic 3/8-16 hex flange nut, sold individually. This part can be used in multiple model types and has a variety of applications. It usually works with a bolt or screw to secure components together. This part can become lost or the threads can become stripped, allowing it to come loose and requiring replacement.
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Wheel and tire assembly (Front Drive Wheels)
Fix Number FIX11971248
Manufacturer Part Number 583719501
This is a genuine OEM sourced replacement part is used with walk behind lawn mowers. This is the drive wheel which has plastic gears on the inside. It is designed to be driven by a pinion gear which is sold separately. If the wheel is broken or damaged it should be replaced to ensure smooth ride and consistent cut of the grass. Includes one (1) plastic wheel.
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Selector knob
Fix Number FIX11966513
Manufacturer Part Number 532701037
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Wheel & Tire Assembly, Front
Fix Number FIX11966348
Manufacturer Part Number 532403111
This is a single OEM front wheel and tire assembly for walk-behind lawn mowers. When the gear case is engaged, the drive wheel pushes the mower forward. You will need a wrench for this very basic repair. You will start by removing the lock nut, remove the old wheel, secure the new one in place, and secure the lock nut. This wheel has a white hub and black rubber treads around the perimeter. Its diameter is approximately 8 inches, and its width is roughly 1.75 inches.
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Lawn Mower Engine Control Cable
Fix Number FIX11966113
Manufacturer Part Number 532183567
This is a lawn mower engine control cable, also sometimes referred to as a zone control cable. This part is sourced directly from the manufacturer and is sold individually. It is comprised of a metal wire with Z-type bent ends, a rubberized exterior, and a plastic clip. This part is designed to stop the engine when you release the handle. The conduit measures approximately 52.5 inches and the cable measures roughly 61.5 inches.
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Fix Number FIX11966353
Manufacturer Part Number 532403849
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Fix Number FIX10033626
Manufacturer Part Number 942-0741A
This is an original manufacturer mulching blade for a lawn mower and it is sold individually. This blade measures 21-inches long, making it compatible with 21-inch decks. The blade will wear over time, it can rust, chip, warp, especially if it has hit a large object. If you notice it is tearing the grass and not cutting efficiently, this is a common symptom of a damaged or dull blade. For this DIY repair, start by disconnecting the spark plug from the boot and turning the mower on its side, making sure the air filter and carburetor are facing up. Remove the bolt and blade bell support and then remove the blade from the adapter. You may wish to lubricate the engine crankshaft and the inner surface of the blade adapter with light oil. Next, place the blade adapter on the crankshaft. Put the blade on the adapter, making sure the side of the blade that is labelled with the word bottom (or with the part number) is facing the ground while the mower is in proper position. Double check that the blade is aligned properly and seated securely on the blade adapter flange. Place the blade support on the blade and align the holes on the blade bell support with the ones on the blade. Replace the hex bolt and tighten to the manufacturers recommended torque.
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Pawl, Drive
Fix Number FIX11966361
Manufacturer Part Number 532404845

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