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Fix Number FIX9006914
Manufacturer Part Number 532009040
This is a premium-quality OEM front wheel flange bearing (sometimes called bushing) commonly used in riding lawn mowers. They are used to keep the wheel held in place securely. It is sold individually but two are needed for each front wheel. It is recommended that they be replaced at the same time. Install this part with the flat side facing the grease zerk in the rear side of the wheel.
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Fix Number FIX9285698
Manufacturer Part Number 532110485
This is a single mandrel ball bearing for a mower. It is sold individually, however it is a good idea to have a couple of these on hand. This bearing is located on top of the shaft, which is part of the mandrel assembly. The mandrel assembly is bolted to the more deck. This bearing measures roughly 1-3/8-Inches inner diameter, 1.578-Inches outer diameter, and .475-Inches long.
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Bushing Steering
Fix Number FIX9015678
Manufacturer Part Number 532195227
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Fix Number FIX9998483
Manufacturer Part Number 7010986YP
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Fix Number FIX9010748
Manufacturer Part Number 532003366
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Bearing, Needle
Fix Number FIX9006863
Manufacturer Part Number 532004895
Special Order
Fix Number FIX9885362
Manufacturer Part Number 122767X
Fix Number FIX9902228
Manufacturer Part Number 1705897SM
Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX9920788
Manufacturer Part Number 2108202SM
Fix Number FIX11932576
Manufacturer Part Number 08103-0620-5

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