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Seal--Oil (PTO Side)
Fix Number FIX9151828
Manufacturer Part Number 795387
In Stock
Gasket--Crankcase (.015 Thick)
Fix Number FIX9076878
Manufacturer Part Number 697110
Special Order
Fix Number FIX9294808
Manufacturer Part Number 692236
In Stock
Gasket--Float Bowl (Nikki)
Fix Number FIX9066958
Manufacturer Part Number 698781
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9294790
Manufacturer Part Number 692137
In Stock
Seal--O Ring (Intake Manifold)
1 Review
Fix Number FIX9064038
Manufacturer Part Number 692138
On Order
Gasket Set-Valve
Fix Number FIX9141388
Manufacturer Part Number 794152
In Stock
Gasket-Cylinder Head
Fix Number FIX9152268
Manufacturer Part Number 796475
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9139901
Manufacturer Part Number 799587
Special Order
Gasket-Rocker Cover
Fix Number FIX9062980
Manufacturer Part Number 690971
This part includes one manufacturer-approved rocker cover gasket for a lawn tractor. This gasket is for the cylinder head where it creates a tight seal to protect the equipment from leaks. Over time the gasket will start to deteriorate, which may become evident when the engine will not start due to a lack of pressure. Oil leaks and large amounts of smoke from the exhaust are also signs that the gasket needs replacing. When you remove the old gasket be sure to remove all the remaining debris and gasket particles and ensure the surface is clean and dry before installing the new gasket. If you are ever disassembling your equipment and break any seals, it is always recommended to replace the gasket.

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