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Range Oven Temperature Sensor
Fix Number FIX4240743
Manufacturer Part Number DG32-00002B
Fixes these symptoms
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Micro Door Switch
Fix Number FIX4131192
Manufacturer Part Number 3405-001034
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX4226434
Manufacturer Part Number DE47-20037A
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Dual Element Switch
Fix Number FIX4240803
Manufacturer Part Number DG44-01002A
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Range Convection Fan Motor Assembly
Fix Number FIX11720787
Manufacturer Part Number DG96-00110E
The convection fan motor spins the fan blade to circulate hot air through the oven for even heating.
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Oven Burner Igniter
Fix Number FIX4241428
Manufacturer Part Number DG94-00520A
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Fix Number FIX7321783
Manufacturer Part Number DG75-01001C
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Range Oven Bake Element
Fix Number FIX4240837
Manufacturer Part Number DG47-00038B
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Fix Number FIX4240841
Manufacturer Part Number DG47-00043B
Installation Instructions
Michael S from Wyoming, OH
hot surface light stays on
Had to replace entire element b/c it's all one part. Mind that 1a/1b & 2a/2b are in different locations on the replacement part and the tabs on the replacement part are all the same size where the original has two smaller tabs. As a result it requires some wiring work (cut, strip, replace, crimp) to replace wire connectors that fit the larger tabs. Read more...
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Range Oven Door Switch
Fix Number FIX4240750
Manufacturer Part Number DG34-00006A
The oven door switch shuts the oven light off when you close the oven door.

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