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M Series New Style Coil Kit
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Fix Number FIX334310
Manufacturer Part Number 279834
This OEM kit comes with two ignition coils (one three-terminal boost/hold coil, and one two-terminal secondary coil). Usually only one of them burns out, but you should replace them as a set as both have to be operational for the gas valve to open. The primary purpose of the part is to open the gas valve and allow the gas to enter the burner. This is a safety mechanism to make sure that there is never an unsafe buildup of gas inside the appliance. You will find the coils attached to the dryer gas valve. This is not an uncommon repair; it can fail due to normal material fatigue over time. To test your current parts, watch the burner, and if the igniter glows for a while and then shuts off without the gas is igniting, it usually means one of these coils is bad.
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M Series Ignition Coil Kit
Fix Number FIX470049
Manufacturer Part Number 5303931775
This coil ignition kit is used in dryers to open the gas valve when the dryer is on. This kit includes two coils. One is a two-wire secondary coil and the other is a three-wire booster coil. If your dryer does not heat or you notice heating inconsistencies, then the gas valve may be damaged and it is best to replace it to solve this problem. To repair, first release the two retaining clips that hold the top panel in place, then remove two screws that retain the front panel of the dryer cabinet. Next, pull the front panel forward and remember to disconnect the door switch. After accessing the gas coils, start removing the wires and unscrew the bracket that holds the coils. Remember to remove both the dual and main coil without removing the spacer. For more information on the kit and repair instructions, refer to diagram for a list of the parts.
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Liquid Propane Conversion Kit
Fix Number FIX3493998
Manufacturer Part Number 49572A
This part converts your appliance from Natural Gas to Liquid Propane.
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Conversion Kit - NG - LP
Fix Number FIX3522299
Manufacturer Part Number 383EEL3002A
In Stock
Conversion Kit - Liquid Propane to Natural Gas
Fix Number FIX3524507
Manufacturer Part Number 4948EL4001B
In Stock
Natural Gas Orifice for Dryer Gas Valve
Fix Number FIX11740485
Manufacturer Part Number WP234826
In Stock
Fix Number FIX11752967
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10328463
In Stock
Natural Gas Limiter
Fix Number FIX11743791
Manufacturer Part Number WP694424
In Stock
Natural Gas to Liquid Propane Conversion Kit
Fix Number FIX862368
Manufacturer Part Number PCK2003
No Longer Available
Liquid Propane Conversion Kit
Fix Number FIX8691743
Manufacturer Part Number W10606694A
Converts natural gas burners to liquid propane.

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