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Air Duct
Fix Number FIX11775712
Manufacturer Part Number 5304508449
Fixes these symptoms
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Dryer Lint Screen Grille
Fix Number FIX12114312
Manufacturer Part Number W11117302
This part is the replacement lint screen grille for your dryer. It is made of white plastic and is approximately 21 inches by 7 inches. The lint screen grille fits inside the lint screen housing and prevents clothing from falling into the lint duct. The main reason you would want to replace the lint screen grille would be if it is cracked, damaged, or missing, as clothing may be able to slip into the lint duct. This part is sold individually and is an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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Side Venting Kit
Fix Number FIX3575086
Manufacturer Part Number 3911EZ9131X
In Stock
Side Venting Kit
Fix Number FIX3489583
Manufacturer Part Number W10323246
This is a four way dryer vent kit.
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Fix Number FIX3524629
Manufacturer Part Number 4974EL1003B
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Side and Bottom Vent Kit
Fix Number FIX3633049
Manufacturer Part Number W10470674
This kit is used for the bottom and side exhaust. The kit includes both the straight and elbow vent.
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Box, Heater
Fix Number FIX11746303
Manufacturer Part Number WP8541818
The heating element is not included with this box.
Fixes these symptoms
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Heat Duct
Fix Number FIX12071411
Manufacturer Part Number 5304509715
In Stock
Side Venting Kit
Fix Number FIX10065965
Manufacturer Part Number W10704365
In Stock
Fix Number FIX3535449
Manufacturer Part Number MEK37661701

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