How To Fix Chain Not Getting Oil – Pole Saw Repair
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How To Repair Pole Saw When Chain Does Not Get Oil

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If your saw blade is not receiving sufficient oil, it may have difficulty rotating, and can wear the chain and bar faster, as there is no oil to lubricate the bar and lessen the friction between the bar and the chain. All saws are equipped with an oiler that feeds a small and consistent amount of oil into the bar as the chain is turning. This oiler can become plugged over time or break, which will stop the chain from receiving any oil while running. There are several ways you will access the oiler depending on how your pole saw is constructed. On some models you will remove the sprocket cover, the chain, and the bar. Much like you would on a chainsaw. Some models have the oiler attached to the rear of the main gearcase housing. With some designs you will need to separate the two halves of the gearcase to access the oiler inside. If clogging occurs it will be caused by sawdust or dirt in the oiler’s nozzle. If it is broken, or too clogged to clean, it should be replaced altogether. The saw requires oil to keep it running safely, and a plugged or broken oiler should be addressed immediately. Refer to your user manual for more information on how to maintain the oiler.

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If your chain is not receiving sufficient oil and you have checked that the oiler is not plugged or broken, you may have an incorrect bar installed on your machine. The oiler feeds oil into the groove that runs around the perimeter of the bar. As the chain rotates, oil is distributed around the entire bar, which allows the chain to rotate freely. If an incorrect bar is installed, the small holes that allow oil to seep into the bar may not align, and the bar may not receive any oil. If this is the case, there will likely be excess oil around the oiler and surrounding parts when the chain cover is removed. Refer to your user manual for the proper replacement part numbers if replacing the bar, and ensure you are using a bar that lines up with your oiler mechanism to prevent damage to the chain and bar.

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