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Steel Ball 3.5 Mm
Fix Number FIX11929439
Manufacturer Part Number N089668
The steel ball is part of the bit holder in an impact driver and is sold individually. The driver bit is held securely by the ball, which fits into the spindle. The ball is attached to the spindle by the collar. Over time, the collar can come loose, and the ball could get lost. The ball itself can sometimes wear, causing the driver to become loose rather easily. To access this part, you will need to remove the hog ring, which fits into a groove on the anvil. When removing this part, be careful not to misplace parts, as there is a spring behind the hog ring, which will become loose. This will allow you to remove the collar and steel ball. Remove the ball using a magnet, to keep it contained.
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Drill Compression Spring
Fix Number FIX11929418
Manufacturer Part Number N078434
This compression spring is for drills. The compression spring holds tension against the anvil and sleeve to keep the anvil tight on the armature. Disconnect the power before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.
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Compression Spring
Fix Number FIX11929265
Manufacturer Part Number N019351
The compression spring is part of the impact drivers chuck assembly. The spring is found over the anvil shaft and provides tension to pull the chuck collar back after a bit is removed. Over time this part can lose tension or become damaged. A failed compression spring will cause the collar to move freely, and the driver bit will come loose. This is an OEM official part and is sold individually.
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Hog Ring
Fix Number FIX11929390
Manufacturer Part Number N053863
This authentic hog ring is sold individually. This part is found in impact drivers, and fits into a groove on the end of the anvil, holding the chuck assembly together. This is a common wear part that can lose tension, fall off, and ultimately cause the chuck to come completely apart. This is a simple repair that anyone can do. You will start by removing the hog ring from the chuck, being careful not to lose the small parts once the hog ring is removed. Next, install the compression spring, insert the plain washer, and replace the hog ring. You may need a pair of needle-nose pliers to help compress the spring while you insert the new hog ring.
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Belt Hook
Fix Number FIX10189049
Manufacturer Part Number N268241
This OEM belt hook makes it possible for drills and drill drivers to attach to a regular belt or tool belt. It attaches to the bottom of the handle assembly and makes it convenient to access your tool when it is not in use. This part includes the belt hook and screw needed to attach it.
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Plain Washer
Fix Number FIX11929226
Manufacturer Part Number N016823
This is a genuine OEM plain washer and is part of your impact driver chuck assembly. The washer fits over the compression spring and provides a flat surface for the hog ring to sit against. This part usually needs to be replaced because it has been lost during the disassembly of the chuck. To begin this repair, remove the hog ring from the chuck, being mindful not to misplace the spring. Now you can place the compression spring in place and the new washer over top and reinstall the hog ring. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to push the compression spring as you install the hog ring over the spindle.
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Steel Ball 3.5
Fix Number FIX10142080
Manufacturer Part Number 216001-0
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Carbon Brush Set
Fix Number FIX10156662
Manufacturer Part Number CB440
The brush box kit fits a variety of cordless gardening tools. *Please note: This part is sold individually. This assembly includes a carbon brush, spring and holder. Due to friction, carbon brushes are common replacement parts. If the functioning of your motor changes and does not work, then check if the brush is worn out or inspect the wire lead for cracks, burns and other damage. Replacing the brush can restore the motor and its functions. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions.
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Fix Number FIX12527474
Manufacturer Part Number N437890
This is an OEM authorized spring for an impact driver. It is sold individually. It is part of the bit holder assembly and works with other components to create pressure on the sleeve, helping to keep the bit in the holder. If this spring gets lost or stretches, it will need to be replaced. It has an approximate outside diameter of 0.545-inches, and the wire is about 0.030-inches.
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Fix Number FIX12533153
Manufacturer Part Number N424032


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